A Sexy Secret That Feels So Good to Keep!


The brand new My Secret Screaming O is finally here! This super-cute and super-stealth set of mini vibrators looks just like makeup and make it easier than ever for women to travel with their favorite toys! These affordable sex-toys-in-disguise boast powerful vibration with whisper-quiet motors that keep the experience delightfully discreet – we promise that keeping a secret has never felt this good!

It’s no secret that this new 3-piece line is going to become women’s new favorite set of sex toys, thanks to its vibrant pink-and-black color scheme reminiscent of some of the most popular makeup brands on the market. Each clever design is made using only the highest-quality body-safe materials with modern shapes that truly look like ordinary cosmetics…until you turn them on, of course!


My Secret Mascara Vibe features a vibration-magnifying Tingle Tip that amplifies sensations and targets stimulation for direct contact. My Secret Lipstick Vibe features a soft silicone Flex-Tip that smoothly glides across sensitive zones like silk! Both styles feature a three-speed plus pulse motor and 100% waterproof construction so ladies can freshen up in the bathtub or pool.


And the super-compact My Secret Lip Balm buzzes at one strong speed and transfers vibration through a soft and squishy silicone blend tip shaped for ultimate pleasure. With a simple twist-bottom control, this mini vibe is perfect for any-sized purse or pocket.


Whether at home or on the go, women can get that fresh-faced look almost anywhere without anyone batting an eyelash! These covert vibes are portable, compact and travel-friendly, which means making trips through TSA will be a satisfying breeze!

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Ride a MustachiO for Movember Men’s Health Month!


Mustaches have never been more mainstream – they’re on shirts, shoes and even tattoos – and now’s the time (or the month, rather) to let your facial hair down in honor of men’s health.

Every November, men grow beards, ‘staches and more in honor of the Movember Foundation, an organization that raises funds and awareness of men’s health issues. Redefining the modern gentleman with a philanthropic twist, Movember supports top international men’s health programs dedicated to the fight against prostate and testicular cancer – and now you can, too!

Ron Burgundy’s got one, Tom Selleck’s had one for decades, and now YOU can have one that vibrates! Strap on a MustachiO this Movember, sport the classic handlebar mustache you’ve always wanted, and put those other guys’ crumb catchers to shame! Even the follicle-ly challenged can hop on the mustache train with this clever mini vibe that anyone – and everyone – can enjoy!

So spread the word and try a MustachiO on for size – even you ladies! – and give good…humanitarianism and donate to the Movember Foundation today!

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Feeling Sexy as a Cancer Survivor


You’ve finished treatment, confirmed test results, and completed the final round of chemo.

Now what?

Your brain and body feel different – especially if a mastectomy was part of the deal – and now you’re embarking on the next phase of a new life. Building (and boosting) your confidence and sexual sense of self is important, though certainly tough; but fortunately this is your chance to make some exciting new life choices that’ll change the way you enjoy your body!

Body Image
Treating and surviving cancer changes your body in many ways. Your hair might be curly where it was once straight; your skin might feel dry; you may have lost weight; you might have removed a breast (or both). And it’s hard to get used to. But there are gentle and effective exercises, so to speak, that can help you accept – and love – this incarnation and find true beauty in what you might once have considered flaws.

Counselors say one of the biggest issues that women and their partners experience is getting accustomed to a new chest. Whether having had a lumpectomy or mastectomy, women have a hard time seeing past the resulting scars and revealing their new bodies to themselves (in front of a mirror or in photos) and especially to their partners. One trick some psychologists recommend is viewing photographs of women who’ve had similar surgeries, especially if your surgery hasn’t happened yet. There are beautiful artist photography books that showcase the various shapes and forms that women’s bodies take during and after cancer treatment and promote a sense of camaraderie while celebrating having experienced and survived such a life-altering event. Plus you and your partner will be prepared for what to expect, which takes any fear of the unknown out of the picture.

Sex & Masturbation
Post-cancer, women may find that their breasts no longer provide the same pleasure sensations that they once did. Whether because of scarring, surgery or simply the result of negative association, they might need to find new ways to provide the same or similar feelings during intimacy (especially with a partner). Fortunately, this kind of experimentation and exploration is exciting and might end up exposing an entirely new side of your sexual self.

Chemotherapy and hormone treatments affect your natural libido and sexual response, which can make sex physically uncomfortable. But using a vaginal moisturizer every day – just like you would moisturize your skin – can keep the delicate skin in and around your vulva soft and conditioned while a quality water-based or silicone-based lubricant can do wonders in the bedroom. They keep things slick and smooth and take the pressure off you (and your body) so you can focus on the fun at hand.

Sex toys are also a great way to increase sensation and explore new areas of the body, while making the tried-and-true sweet spots feel even better. They enhance pleasure without exhausting hands/fingers/tongues and give you and your partner something new to try together – which facilitates communication and, in turn, a stronger sense of intimacy. Just don’t expect you (or your partner) to figure it out all at once.

Lingerie & Accessories
Lingerie, scarves, even feather boas are fun and sexy accents when you don’t yet feel comfortable “exposing” certain parts of your body. Bralettes are pretty for smaller chests and eliminate the uncomfortable (and sometimes unnecessary) structure, boning and support of a traditional bra. Matching panties and camisoles look sexy and bring attention to the body parts you want accented. And if you feel shy about showing too much skin, a silk or satin nightgown can look flirty and fun – and feel incredible against your skin! – while flowing over scars and areas of the body that you might want to keep covered.

What’s most important is your comfort level and staying true to your needs and desires as you get used to your body and sexuality after cancer. Whether with a partner or with yourself, the key to feeling happy and healthy post-cancer is loving and appreciating the incredible feats that your body is capable of – and feeling excited for what life has in store for you next!

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3 Expert Tips for Using Your Vibrating Ring Sex Toy


Vibrating rings are amazing for so many reasons: they make sex feel even better (who knew that was possible?), they help couples come together (in more ways than one), and they help make orgasms happen more often! But did you know there’s more than one way to wear a Screaming O Vibrating ring?

These stretchy sex toys are typically worn around the shaft and testicles with the motor positioned on top. With every stroke, the motor makes contact with her clitoris and gives her essential stimulation that almost 75% of women need to orgasm during intercourse. But Vibrating Rings can do so much more!

Screaming O Vibrating Rings

Screaming O Vibrating Ring

For Him
Guys, did you know that your perineum (ya know…your “taint”) is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on your body? It’s often overlooked (or sometimes ignored) but even paying just a little attention to it while you get busy can make your orgasms SUPER intense. And that’s where a Screaming O Vibrating Ring comes into play!

Simply stretch the Screaming O Vibrating Ring around your package and nestle the vibrating motor behind your balls so it sits securely on that sweet spot. The perineum is rich with nerve endings that respond almost instantly to steady pressure and stimulation and can inspire some of the most powerful orgasmic responses a man can have.

For Fingers
Not in the mood to wear something strapped to your penis? Not feeling like buzzing on your clitoris tonight? No problem – your Screaming O Vibrating Ring can turn into a perfectly compact mini vibe that you can wear around your finger!

Coil it around your favorite finger (we recommend your index finger!) and position the mini motor on the soft pad on the other side of your fingernail. (Keep in mind that vibrating rings are very stretchy, so you might need to loop it round your finger more than once!) Switch it on and tingle everywhere you touch; perfect for teasing massage, flirty foreplay, tickling nipples, or using during sex to stimulate her clitoris or his perineum – if you can reach!

For Safe Sex
The Screaming O Vibrating Rings has a motor that’s powerful enough to send vibration throughout the ring, so much so that he can even feel it in his shaft (and she can feel it inside!). This sensation helps enhance the feeling for both partners, which is one way that vibrating rings can help make safe sex feel better than ever!

While some couples argue that condoms can desensitize and dull the sensation of sex, a Vibrating Ring can turn things up and enhance the feeling for everyone involved! Carefully put on a condom and roll it all the way to the base of the penis. Then stretch the Vibrating Ring around the base of the condom with the motor positioned however you (or your partner) want it and turn it on to start everyone’s engines. And the best part: it’s completely disposable and portable, so you can whip it out just as easily as a condom and simply toss it when you’re done!

Feeling inspired? Stock up on your Screaming O Vibrating Ring supply today and start experimenting with new ways to enjoy this versatile and top-rated vibrating sex toy for couples. You won’t be disappointed!

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5 Affordable Ways to Live (and Love) Better With Cancer


Sex can (and probably should) be a priority when you (or your partner) are dealing with the effects of breast cancer – from treatment to trouble sleeping, cancer can cause all kinds of inconvenient, uncomfortable and emotionally draining obstacles, but that doesn’t mean sex has to be off the table.

The American Cancer Society assures us that breast cancer treatment doesn’t affect women’s physical ability to orgasm – it’s just a little trickier to “get there” – which is GREAT news. Because orgasms are good for your health and can help with everything from pain relief to brightening your mood and easing anxiety. So getting busy should be as high a priority as getting to your appointments on time, right?

But it’s no secret that sex – at least, the kind of sex we’re accustomed to – is different when your body is experiencing the side effects of breast cancer treatment. While there are some we can clearly see (mastectomies and surgeries rendering breasts tender or desensitized, extreme fatigue, etc.), others are less obvious but incredibly common (vaginal dryness, muscle tightness, loss of libido). Fortunately there’s something you can do about it – and the solutions are as affordable as they are easy to try!

1. Moisturizer…for Your Vagina.

Dryness is tough to deal with whether or not sex is in the picture, but there are affordable moisturizers on the market that not only replenish moisture to delicate skin, but also can help maintain a healthy pH and even help grow healthy bacteria down below. There are no hormones or chemicals that will get in the way of your regular health routine – just look for brands that have organic ingredients, no parabens, no glycerin, no estrogen and are fragrance-free. You can order most of them online!

2. Lots of Lube.

Before breast cancer, it’s possible that you or your partner were proud of your natural waterworks, so to speak, and had no trouble keeping things slick and smooth. But the body’s natural ability to lubricate – no matter how turned on you are – is dramatically affected by cancer treatment, and that’s where lube comes in. The skin in and around the vulva is super sensitive and delicate and any friction, rubbing or chafing not only hurts but can also promote infection. So try an all-natural water-based or silicone-based lubricant and see how much better sex can feel! No need to start with something fancy; many drugstore brands have natural versions of their classic lubricants, so start at your local pharmacy!

3. Mini vibes.

Sex toys come in all shapes, sizes and prices, but don’t let fancy gadgets and technology distract you. These little vibrators make orgasms come easier and faster whether you’re solo or with a partner and you don’t need bells and whistles to help get the job done. A simple bullet or mini vibe is all you need and there are many different colors and styles to choose from – and some of the best beginner vibes cost less than $10! So shop around and see what styles appeal to you the most. Think of it as a sexy gift for yourself!

4. Kegels & Intimate “Exercise.”

Your muscles may be tense or totally lax, depending on how your experience has affected your physical self, and they can get in the way of intimacy. If you find your vagina feels too tight to comfortably fit something inside, you may benefit from some “exercise” from the relaxation realm. As a form of foreplay, try breathing meditation or something you can focus on to calm and soothe your body and put your mind at ease. Try the technique in tip #2 here! You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to have sex afterward!

But if you feel your vagina could use a little strengthening, there are simple exercises you can try that not only will help tighten your vagina, but all help make your orgasms stronger. You’ve probably heard of kegels: squeeze your vagina as though you’re trying to stop yourself from peeing. Then release. Squeeze, hold, then release. There are sex toys out there that can add weights to your routine, too, if you want to take your kegel game to a higher intensity, but those cost money…and regular kegels are completely free! And the best part? You can do them anywhere. (We’re doing them right now!)

5. Sexual Enhancement of the Herbal Kind.

There are many affordable and safe sexual enhancement creams on the market that use natural ingredients to help increase sensitivity and make sex feel better. Some sexual stimulant balms use peppermint or cinnamon for a pleasant tingle wherever they touch, while others get a little more intense and actually help boost blood flow to your intimate areas. Creams with the amino acid L-arginine work within minutes and, when applied to the clitoris, can enhance and heighten sensations considerably. Check with your doctor first, just to be safe, and if he/she gives the green light, get to it!

Getting back into a groove doesn’t have to be an emotional or financial strain, and as you can see, some of these techniques cost no money at all. Keeping an open mind and open heart is the most important part of the process, and the intimacy and love you build while working together is the most potent and natural sexual enhancer on the planet. So have fun and get to it!

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Inspiring Intimacy (and Having Sex) During Cancer


Cancer affects every aspect of your – and your partner’s – life and it can feel almost impossible to find the time, energy and desire for intimacy of any kind. Treatment can be intense and invasive and cause physical changes in the body that, matched with the emotional strain, often extinguish any sense of sexual fire that might still be glowing inside. But while the physical and psychological effects are incredibly real, they don’t have to be barriers in the bedroom. There are a multitude of tools that women can use to help them build, maintain and celebrate their sexuality during every stage of cancer treatment.

The brain is women’s No. 1 most important sex organ. When the mind is distracted, diverted or clouded by stress, sex is often the last activity on her to-do list and orgasms simply don’t come easily – or at all. Logically, cancer causes myriad emotional stresses (depression, anxiety, guilt, fear) but it also wreaks havoc on a woman’s sexual desire, self-worth, self-esteem, and the physical changes that come before, during and after treatment make many women feel simply unsexy.

And even with a positive mindset, the physical effects of cancer can make sex difficult, even painful, which leaves some women feeling “broken” and unequipped to deal with the way their bodies have changed. Vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, nausea, extreme fatigue, loss of sensation – they’re all very common and very real obstacles to navigate alongside what can be an incredibly scary disease. Especially when mastectomy or other surgeries are involved.

But the good news is that, while the mind and body undergo change, your orgasms probably won’t! The American Cancer society reports that almost all women maintain their orgasmic abilities after treatment and that it may be as easy as before – it just takes practice. Fortunately, the experimentation process alone is a wonderfully effective way to build and strengthen intimacy with a partner, even if intercourse or orgasm isn’t the end result!

So as you prepare to make pleasure practice a regular part of your life, here are some important factors to keep in mind as you learn new ways to enjoy a healthy sex life:

Treatment can be exhausting, so schedule sex for times you feel most rested. Your partner can help with chores and other tiresome activities around the house to help you preserve energy. Just avoid getting busy after eating a heavy meal.

Getting in the mood can feel like a major feat, so try new forms of foreplay to help put your mind in the game. Sexy music, erotica or even soft porn can get juices flowing, and sensual massage is an intimate and effective way to relax, soothe nerves, and feel comfortable to move on to the next steps. A warm bath or shower with scented candles or oils also can help stimulate the senses – especially if you invite your partner to join in.

Play with positions. Before treatment, reverse cowgirl or doggy style may have been your go-to’s, but they put incredible strain on joints and energy levels. Try positions that require less physical exertion: lie on your side (spooning-style) or on your back with your hips at the edge of the bed. These positions help you feel deep and satisfying pleasure while keeping you and your partner intimately close, and make it easier for your body to relax and get into the groove.

Sex might feel different and you may need additional stimulation to help you feel pleasure in the ways you’re accustomed to, especially when it comes to having an orgasm. Sex toys are a fun and effective way to give your (or your partner’s) fingers a rest and can even enhance sensations in an entirely new way, making orgasm come easier and faster. Try massaging a mini vibrator on your clitoris during foreplay or in certain sex positions you find comfortable and see how you feel. You might be surprised by how much you (and your partner!) love it.

Lubrication is key for comfortable and pleasurable intercourse, but chemotherapy, stress and so many other factors (dehydration, distraction, menopause) get in the way of your vagina’s usual waterworks. An all-natural water-based or silicone-based lubricant is recommended to keep sex slick and smooth while preventing any kind of chafing, rubbing and general discomfort that vaginal dryness can cause.

Sexual pleasure beyond intercourse can satisfy both partners when penetration just isn’t an option. Intimacy is so much more than penetration and the sense of touch – and being touched – can be incredibly erotic while connecting you and your partner (literally and figuratively) at a different level. Caress, hug and massage the skin and use hands to stimulate sensitive areas while being mindful of areas to avoid. The neck, forearms, stomach, inner thigh and even feet are erogenous zones not to be missed! And remember: orgasms don’t have to be your goal.

Sex during chemo can require extra precautions: When blood counts are low, avoid intercourse and oral stimulation as they can spread bacteria and increase risk of infection. Birth control is a must if pregnancy is possible.

Communicate what you’re feeling, both emotionally and physically. You’re both learning how to be intimate with each other in a completely new way and it’s important to give each other space to share concerns, feelings and ideas. Easier said than done, but it feels less scary each time you open up.

A good sense of humor can help you get through some of the most awkward, uncomfortable and embarrassing parts of the process. It’s OK to laugh at sounds, smells or situations that are way out of your comfort zones – you’re in it together (in more ways than one) and you’ll feel stronger with every chuckle.

There are a wide variety of trusted resources available online and at various treatment centers to learn more about sexual health before, during and after cancer – the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (one of the nation’s leading cancer hospitals) even devotes an entire program to it. Don’t feel afraid to ask your doctor for more information; sex and intimacy is one of the most common concerns of women and couples undergoing treatment. You’re not alone: breast cancer affects 1 in 8 U.S. women at some point in their lives, and preserving the intimate relationships they hold with their partners – and especially themselves – is key to maintaining a healthy and happy sense of wellbeing during one of the most stressful times in life.

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How Do I Choose the Right Ring for Me?


Overwhelmed with all of the cock ring choices out there? We don’t blame you! Each one boasts different bells and whistles with colors and functions galore – so how on Earth do you pick the right one? Finding the perfect sex toy doesn’t have to be a chore, and there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to this stuff; just trial and error with lots of practice – but that’s the fun part!

Here are useful tips to help you pick the best erection ring, vibrating ring, cock ring – whatever you want to call it – and have better sex tonight!

Know the Differences.

Cock rings come in so many sizes, shapes and styles so the first step is to understand how they’re all different.

1. Vibrating rings are simple, super-stretchy rings with a mini motor attached specifically to add clitoral or perineum (aka taint) stimulation to sex. Worn around his entire package, the comfortable ring simply keeps the motor in place as it helps his partner get closer to orgasm with every stroke. They do not fit tight and do not keep his erections hard and firm – that’s what a cock ring is for!

2. Non-vibrating cock rings are exactly that. No motors, no dangly bits; just a ring (usually stretchy so that they fit most men) that stretches around the shaft and testicles at the base of the body and fits tight and snug. (But of course, if you notice unusual swelling or pain, take it off right away.) These are worn primarily to help keep erections hard and firm and help men last longer during sex – often with delayed orgasms that feel incredibly intense.

3. Vibrating cock rings offer the same erection-strengthening effects as non-vibrating cock rings but with a vibrating motor attached for added stimulation. The vibrating motor can stimulate his partner in many ways – if with a woman, it buzzes against her clitoris to help her reach orgasm easier; if with a man, the ring can be worn upside down with the motor buzzing against his taint. Vibrating cock rings can help couples orgasm together and make sex feel even better for both partners.

Know Your Needs

Once you know what you’re looking at, it’s time to figure out what you’re looking for. What are you hoping to accomplish with your purchase? Do you want to prevent premature ejaculation? Do you need a little boost so you can last as long as your partner? Does your female partner want clitoral stimulation without having to use her (or your) fingers? These are all important things that cock rings can help you accomplish – and once you know what you want, you can much easier pick the product that fits your sexual lifestyle. And don’t be afraid to try new things!

Know Your Options

Now it’s time to shop, and sure enough you’re facing a huge selection of cock rings from all different brands. Some are stretchy, some have more than one motor, others have extensions and ticklers that might do the trick even better. This is the most fun part of the shopping process – we recommend bringing your partner and picking your favorites together – because now you can get creative with the fancy stuff.

For example, you know you want a vibrating cock ring so you can stay hard and she can come faster. Now you can scan through the vibrating cock ring section and see if any colors, materials or special features stand out. Maybe she wants a vibrating motor that’s bigger than most. Maybe you want a vibrating cock ring with a rechargeable battery for a more eco-friendly option. Fortunately there’s something for everyone, even the most discerning buyer; all it takes is curiosity, enthusiasm and some time set aside to shop. And don’t be afraid to buy more than one at a time – if you like it, keep it. If you don’t, toss it. There are so many affordable and VERY effective options out there, your cock ring research doesn’t have to break the bank! So start shopping now and see what’s out there – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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