The Best Ways to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship

The Best Ways to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship

The Best Ways to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship

Sex toys have become as common a conversation piece as the weather, but it’s still tricky to ask our partners whether or not they’d be down to try a cock ring or mini vibe. Sex toys can be intimidating, almost scary, to those of us who’ve never dreamed of putting something with a motor near our nether regions. And others associate sex toys with filling some kind of void or fixing an inadequacy in our current sexual situations, which are NOT good feelings for foreplay.

Fortunately, there are ways to side-step the insecurities and taboo that sex toys can bring, and we’ve compiled some of our favorite and most effective tips just for you!

1. Use Your Words
“But we don’t NEED one.” Heard this before? It’s not uncommon for men or women to feel as though sex toys are made to take the place of human interaction and body parts, but almost every sex toy on the planet can be enjoyed as a couple. So keep that in mind when you’re thinking about how to broach the subject and be sure to include your partner in the idea.

“I read that using a vibrator while we have sex can help me orgasm faster! I’d love to try that tonight!”

“I think it’d be super-hot to wear a butt plug next time we’re together – what do you think?”

“Thinking about you using a sex toy makes me so horny – can we try one sometime?”

The most important goal is to make sure your partner understands that sex toys are sexual enhancements – NOT replacements – and that whatever new gadget or gizmo makes it into the bedroom is for both of your pleasures. These kinds of intimate products add sensations and stimulation in ways our fingers and bodies simply can’t, and that’s what makes them so exciting – and SO worth trying.

2. Shop Together
Shopping is a treat for some and a drag to others, but when it comes to picking out something sexy to use together, you HAVE to check out your options as a team! If you or your partner isn’t part of the selection process, one of you will miss out on an important bonding experience that helps set the scene (and the mood) for what might happen later behind closed doors. Maybe she would have liked the blue vibrator instead of the pink. Or maybe he would have wanted to try that cock ring you saw but didn’t buy.

Perusing the shelves of lingerie, cock rings, mini vibes and other sexy playthings gives you both the opportunity to explore and see what catches your eye – you might be surprised at what strikes you!

Plus, shopping together gives you both a chance to learn a little more about each other’s curiosities and kinks, which builds intimacy almost as fast as anticipation. And once you get comfortable shopping for sex gear together, heading to the store (or even simply scrolling through adult shopping sites online) can feel like foreplay without anyone’s clothes even hitting the ground.

3. Start Small
If you’re new to sex toys, or if your partner is open but still not convinced, it might be a good idea to start with the basics before moving onto something next-level. Think about what you’re curious to try together (Anal play? Clit stimulation during doggy style? Maybe a vibrating ring?) and check out your options. Some products are made to be disposable, something you can try once to see if you like it – and then toss if you don’t. Most sex toys have beginner-level versions that are reusable but cost a lot less, which takes some of the pressure off of choosing the perfect one.

Stretchy one-size-fits-most cock rings are low-cost, low-commitment, and typically easier for beginners to try. Bullets, mini vibes, and small hand-held massagers are great starter vibrators for stimulating the clitoris, nipples, testicles, taint – pretty much anywhere that feels sensitive to the touch. Vibrating tongue rings or vibrating penis rings are also fun and inexpensive options for those of us just starting out on our sex toy adventures.

Most of us wouldn’t jump in the deep end before learning to doggy paddle or put the pedal to the metal during a DMV driving test. The same goes for sex toy shopping: ease your way into it and try to keep the pace of your partner. Work your way up to the next level as a team and enjoy the ride along the way!

4. Sharing is Caring
No matter what the package might say, most vibrators can – and SHOULD! – be used on men AND women. Mini vibes are great for her clitoris, but don’t forget that he might like to feel the buzz on his balls during a blowjob. And vibrating rings feel great worn around the penis and testicles, but try wrapping the ring around a finger and touching her nipples or teasing her lips.

CAUTION: This is only safe to do when you and your partner have been tested and declared STI-free, because you’ll inevitably be swapping more than just each other’s sex toys while you’re at it. And please keep in mind that anything that goes in or around your anal area should be washed thoroughly before it goes anywhere near the rest of your body to avoid spreading icky bacteria where you don’t want it! #themoreyouknow

5. Learn by Doing
No one wants to be schooled in the bedroom (even if we could use a tip or three) and that especially applies when sex toys are part of the plan. One of you might know a little more about vibrators than the other, but don’t take on the teacher role just yet – unless that’s part of the fantasy, of course!

Open each toy and read the instructions together. Part of the fun is checking them out, turning them on, and watching each other’s faces change as you experiment with what feels good, what feels “meh,” and what feels “ohmigoddontstop.”

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Does Your Sex Toy Cleaner Contain Triclosan? FDA Wants You to Know This!


Keeping our sex toys sparkling clean is important to us all, but do you know what’s in your toy cleaner? FDA recently published a report that alerted us to the potential risks and even ineffectiveness of certain chemicals found in many antibacterial cleansers, so we wanted to keep you all posted so you can make informed shopping decisions!

Colleen Rogers, Ph.D., a lead microbiologist at FDA, shared in the report that there currently is no evidence that over-the-counter antibacterial soap products are any more effective at preventing the spread of illness than using plain soap and water, and might actually contribute to bacterial resistance to antibiotics. (Eek!)

But some sex toy makers warn that soap can dry out certain materials, which is why so many recommend specially made cleansers. However, there’s a common chemical ingredient found in some of these sex toy cleaners that FDA also appears to be skeptical about – triclosan.

According to the report, animal-testing has shown that certain chemical ingredients, including triclosan, may negatively affect hormonal function, which has led FDA to encourage further investigation into what kinds of effects these additives might have on humans.

“FDA and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been closely collaborating on science and regulatory issues related to triclosan,” the FDA report states. “This joint effort will help to ensure government-wide consistency in the regulation of the chemical.”

So what does this mean for you?

While FDA’s report shares its concerns regarding these ingredients, there is no official evidence that proves triclosan and antibacterial cleansers are bad for humans, so there’s no need to panic! There are alternative sex toy cleaners out there for those of us who’d like to steer clear of antibacterial chemicals like triclosan while we wait for more research to be done. Just look at the labels before you buy! If you see “Triclosan-free” anywhere on the bottle, you should be good to go!

Read the full report here:

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The Best Ways for Men & Women to Masturbate

The Best Ways for Men & Women to Masturbate

The Best Ways for Men & Women to Masturbate

Some of the best sex we have is when we’re all by ourselves, and that’s one of the many reasons why masturbating is so beneficial! While it might seem pretty self-explanatory, there isn’t just one way to self-love and we’re here to show you how to enhance your hands and blow your minds!

For the GUYS!

1. Give It a Tug
As you’re stroking and getting close to orgasm, take a minute to cup your testicles in your non-occupied hand and give ‘em a little squeeze. Then right as the wave of ecstasy comes, gently (or not gently, depending on your preferences!) tug and pull your testicles down toward your anus. Many men find this extra attention feels incredibly erotic and can help make orgasms feel even more intense.

2. Caress Your Corona
Your corona is a little bundle of nerve endings on the underside of the head of your penis. It’s one of the most sensitive spots on your shaft and many men find it pleasurable to tickle or rub that area as they get it on (with themselves).

So next time you’re jerking off, try lubing up your hand (or your stroker, if you’re using a sex toy for men) and putting most of the massaging focus on the corona – especially as you get closer to orgasm. You can even get both hands involved and use your left to stroke this sweet spot while the right keeps a tight grip on everything else.

3. Buzz Your Balls (and Everywhere Else!)
Our hands can only do so much, which is why we love the wonderful world of sex toys! The skin on and around the testicles, as well as the perineum (aka the taint), are incredibly sensitive to touch and vibration – and when combined with your regular stroking motion, can incite an incredible explosion of…pleasure!

Try a mini vibe, like a bullet massager, or something that attaches to your finger for easy use. Use your free hand to run the sex toy along your testicles and sensitive areas or, if you want full-power results, press it firmly against your taint just as you reach orgasm for a big finish.

For the GALS!

1. Free the Nipples!
The nipples are an important, yet often forgotten, erogenous zone that sexuality researchers have found connects to the same receptors of the brain as your clitoris – so why not combine the two for double the pleasure?

But sometimes our fingers can only go so far, which is why we love compact and easy-to-use mini vibes that can be worn on your fingertips! Add a little lube and glide the vibe along your areolas in circular motions with one hand while you leave your other hand free to fondle whatever else you’re in the mood for. We guarantee you’ll feel heightened pleasure and might even reach orgasm faster as a result of the double-team touching!

2. Try a Sex Toy
Many women use their fingers, pillows or firm objects to rub, hump and wiggle against while they masturbate, which is a great way to do the diddling deed. But sometimes our bodies can grow accustomed to the same styles of stimulation, which is why we encourage women to switch things up and incorporate new techniques.

There are many sex toys out there designed to be unobtrusive and easy to use for first-timers or women who don’t want to deal with a massive massager. Some attach to your fingers and stay in place with a stretchy ring while others are hand-held and pack a lot of power into a tiny shape, which means putting them under whatever you’re humping on or even directly against your clitoris can result in raging orgasms. They’re especially useful when you need to rub one out in a pinch!

3. Breathe
Yeah yeah, we know. “Breathe” is a favorite of yoga instructors and hipsters looking for something to tattoo on their wrists, but when it comes to better sex, they’re on to something. There are ways to incorporate different breathing techniques into your masturbation routine and experience lovely results, and they won’t leave you breathless or lightheaded – unless you want them to.

Our bodies need oxygen to keep our blood flowing smoothly and the more we inhale, the better our blood can reach the key parts of our bodies. Notice when you’re masturbating if you tend to hold your breath and try letting out some air as you get closer to orgasm. And when you start climbing the peak stages of pleasure, make an effort to breathe deeeeep and exhale completely in a steady rhythm. By the time you climax, your orgasm will grow intensely and you may feel an incredibly satisfying release unlike anything you’ve ever felt. That’s the power of oxygen!

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Why Foreplay is Sometimes Better than Sex

Why Foreplay is Sometimes Better than Sex

Why Foreplay is Sometimes Better than Sex

Sometimes foreplay can feel like a hassle when all you want is to rip each other’s clothes off, but this kind of sexy warm-up is actually one of the most important parts of getting it on! Most of us fall into a “we want it NOW!” mindset when it comes to having sex, but many don’t know that with a little pre-gaming TLC you can have better, more satisfying sex with orgasms that’ll blow your mind.

Better Orgasms – Because Biology!
We feel turned on when blood starts to flow more freely to our pleasure zones, and the more time you spend getting it gushing, the more sensitive you’ll feel. Penises become erect when their tube-like interiors engorge with blood and, believe it or not, clitorises do the SAME THING – they just take different amounts of time to get to that hard-and-swollen state. And that’s where foreplay comes in.

Some men can turn on and get hard in mere minutes, while others need a little coaxing to get in the mood. And most women can take up to 20 minutes (or even longer, depending on various factors) to get in the right state of mind and body, so patience is one of the most important “sex toys” we suggest to couples.

Water won’t boil in 30 seconds and you can’t have a healthy workout without a decent warm-up, right? Keep that same logic in mind and dedicate at least 10 minutes to a pre-sex “regimen” with your partner. You’ll be glad you did (and so will your partner)!

Try Erogenous Zones OTHER Than the Obvious!
Instead of going right for each other’s junk, take time to stimulate, tickle, lick, blow on (or whatever you like!) the OTHER parts of the body that respond to sexy stuff. There are so many to choose from and many of us like certain areas more than others, which is what makes foreplay so fun. Exploring to see what works great and what doesn’t work at all lets you both embark on a titillating and kinda-naughty journey on and around each other’s bodies.

Common erogenous zones include the neck, inner thighs, nipples, chest, feet, and sometimes other areas that might surprise you. So touch or tickle a sweet spot and see what your partner says – just be sure to communicate! Because unless he or she tells you “yay” or “no way,” you’ll never know if you’re doing something that feels good. You’re not a mind-reader and neither is your partner!

Like Each Other Even More!
Foreplay is recommended mostly for making sex feel better, but it’s ALSO an incredible way to get closer to your partner by building…you guessed it. Intimacy! Instead of going straight for the goal, taking the time to warm each other up lets you get comfortable with each other faster, building both of your confidence levels higher than ever. You’ll get to know each other’s bodies, feel safe and taken care of (sexually and maybe even emotionally) by your partner, and even get to the comfort level where typically embarrassing moments end up just making you laugh!
Without the stress and anxiety that can be common, sex ends up being so much more fun and frees up space for more smiling, laughing and general happiness as you get closer to doing the ultimate deed.

This heightened intimacy also allows for next-level foreplay, which might include exploring erogenous zones normally forgotten or ignored (or maybe too “advanced” for some) or even using sex toys to help enhance sensations! The perineum (aka the taint) and anus are incredibly sensitive for some men and women and using mini vibes or bullet vibrators is a great way to stimulate as you get familiar with these less-familiar areas. Even light bondage – for instance, tying arms to the bed post so your partner can take the wheel for a while – is a fun way to take foreplay up to the next level, and also signifies that you both may have reached a new level of trust that simply makes your relationship even stronger – and, chances are, the sex even better!

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The Screaming O Contracts Molecular Biologist for 3rd-Party Material Validation

Erika Batchelder

Body Safe Lab Tested Materials for Optimum Sex Toy Quality

The Screaming O has contracted noted molecular biologist Erika Batchelder to provide expert third-party validation as Phase 2 of its recent product materials verification and labeling initiative. This progressive campaign includes independent lab testing of The Screaming O’s flagship materials, including SEBS and silicone, for top quality control, and now with a third-party validator, The Screaming O boasts the most comprehensive campaign promoting responsible manufacturing of affordable, fast-selling sex toys.

Batchelder, lab manager at a San Diego-based biotech company, will provide complete breakdowns and explanations of all resources related to safety, composition and production of the most common materials found in sex toys. With a specialty in potentially harmful compounds and toxicology, Batchelder brings a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspective to an important issue that has become a hot-button topic among sex toy manufacturers and their consumers.

“In my daily work, I have learned a great deal about many of the chemicals we are exposed to and how potentially important levels of these compounds are on our health,” Batchelder said. “I’m looking forward to educating the staff at The Screaming O while also helping to debunk myths and quell misinformation relating to the variety of materials found in popular sex toys for men and women.”

In December of 2014, The Screaming O contracted an independent laboratory to test each material in its catalog – including ABS, SEBS and silicone. The first testing phase revealed that The Screaming O’s SEBS and premium silicone are pure, non-toxic and body-safe, and the company has updated marketing, packaging, websites and more to amend any materials-related misinformation that may be circulating.

“It’s so exciting to have independent lab results, now with Erika’s valuable third-party validation, to further support our brand because The Screaming O proudly stands behind each of our products, and we want our customers and partners to feel confident to do the same,” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “Plus, we genuinely want everyone on the planet to have better, more satisfying sex and let The Screaming O be their guide – or at least their gateway!”

The Screaming O is famous for creating quality alternatives that serve as “gateway toys” to consumers looking to try something new – often for the very first time – as well as more experienced shoppers working with a sex toy budget. And all who fall within these realms deserve body-safe materials and quality construction, which is one of the reasons why The Screaming O remains committed to its materials testing initiative.

No stranger to intimate products herself, Batchelder incorporates a consumer mindset into her professional services to provide a well-rounded understanding of product materials, their components, and what it takes for a product to fall within the confines of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

“I have been a fan of sex toys for many years, and I have a lot of respect for a company that puts both pleasure and safety at the forefront,” Batchelder said. “On the consumer level, safety and confidence relating to sex toys has so much to do with knowledge, and it’s up to manufacturers to provide that kind of information. And consumers deserve to know what they’re putting in and around their bodies, which is one of the reasons why The Screaming O’s testing and labeling initiative is so exciting.”

As lab manager, Batchelder tests the effects of a variety of potentially hazardous chemicals and compounds on cells’ normal functions. Using human cells grown in culture in a high throughput manner, her work helps clients determine the toxicity of a chemical or compound within a specific human cellular function.

Prior to her current position, Batchelder worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology doing a variety of molecular and cellular research with a special focus on cancer, and later at the Salk Institute handling human embryonic stem cell projects.

“I am incredibly excited to work with a sex toy company that feels so proud of and passionate about making products safe and effective for its end users,” Batchelder said. “I help The Screaming O understand the results of their testing and how to make sex toys safer, in general, and I love knowing that I might have even the slightest influence on the quality of a sex toy line that has the potential to make many people happy.”

Read more about our Independent Product Material Verification & Labeling Campaign here.

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How to Get Your Girl in the Mood!

How to Get Your Girl in the Mood!

How to Get Your Girl in the Mood!

There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to sex, and the first step is wanting it in the first place. But arousal and sexual desire are affected considerably by so many things: stress, hormones, emotions, time/place, fatigue…you get the idea. And while some men find it easy to break through those unsexy barriers to get it on, women have to work a lot harder to muck through the life-gunk to get their heads in the game.

Many men need only minutes to get hard and ready to go, while women can take up to 20 minutes (or longer depending on the day!) But you can help! Here are some quick tips for helping your lover get on your libido level and ready for some satisfying sex.

1. Make (and Take) It Easy

Women have a lot on their plates each day and often have to juggle multiple hassles at once just to make it home by 6 p.m. That can include work deadlines, kids (if applicable), pets (also if applicable), errands, doctor’s appointments, gym time, b.s. with the boss, rush hour traffic – and the to-do list doesn’t end when she walks in the door. All of these tasks take up valuable brain space, causing frustrating distraction from what she likely would rather be doing (i.e. having sex with you). So surprise her with three of the sexiest words a man can say:

“I got this.”

Pick up her dry cleaning. Deal with the grocery list. Clean the bathroom. Feed the baby. Whatever the task, she’ll feel loved and supported knowing that you thought ahead to handle stuff so she doesn’t have to. And that sense of relief may help make it easier for her to relax and get in the mood for something more than Netflix in bed.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a “do the dishes, get a BJ” type of reward system. Helping your partner is a thoughtful expression of love and should be done without expectation. Even the slightest sense of sexual entitlement may turn her off (rightfully so), so keep your intentions genuine, please.

2. Think About Her (and Tell Her So)

Women love to know that their partners are thinking of them, sexually or otherwise. But many men make the mistake of taking this expression too far (ex. dick pic during lunch break) and inadvertently ruin the moment. The sentiment is genuine, we’re sure, but sadly lost in the crassness of sending cellphone porn during work hours. So tone down the message!

Tell her you love her. Tell her you’re thinking about that time she did that thing that made your toes curl. Tell her you can’t wait to see her later. Tell her you want to rub her shoulders before bed. Get creative but try to avoid the gutter.

There’s something special about knowing that you’re on your partner’s mind and it isn’t necessarily because he’s horny and wants to get laid. It can inspire that giggle she might have made during the glorious honeymoon phase and might even inspire a fun response that could lead to the kind of back-and-forth text flirting you used to do in high school. Flirting is one of the first steps toward foreplay…and we all know what can happen from there!

3. Find a Sex Toy Made for Her Pleasure

Many people (women included) don’t know that most women need a little extra sumthin’ to reach orgasm while having sex. And while orgasm doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal, it’s always fun to try new and exciting ways to try to get there faster and easier. That’s where sex toys come in.

Sex toys come in all shapes, sizes, colors…you name it, but for this kind of pleasure we recommend shopping for something small and easy to use. (Especially if it’s her first sex toy.) Look for terms like “mini vibe,” “mini massager,” “bullet,” “clitoral vibe,” and “clit vibe” to find styles that are small, easy to hold, and perfect for stimulating her clitoris while you both get down. And if you know her favorite color or anything else that might help personalize her new vibe, definitely keep it in mind before making the final purchase.

The beauty of this kind of gift is that she can enjoy her new vibrator with you AND when she needs some private relaxation time. The more she masturbates and gets to know her body (and what she likes to do to it) the better your sex life will get. And knowing that you care enough about her pleasure to buy her a special sex toy might warm her heart enough to want to break it in the minute she opens the box. With your help, of course!

‘Ladies’ help these fellas out and comment on what gets you in the mood.

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Sex Outside the Box! – How to Revive a Boring Sex Life

Sex Outside the Box! – How to Revive a Boring Sex Life

Sex Outside the Box! – How to Revive a Boring Sex Life

Sex is great and we all love to do it, but sometimes we get stuck in a bedroom rut that no amount of hugging, kissing and humping can get us out of. Fortunately you’re not alone – it can be super-easy to fall into a routine that takes some of the spontaneous excitement out of our favorite intimate past time. So to take some of the pressure off; we’ve compiled a list of quick and easy tip to help freshen up your love life fast. And you can try some of them tonight!

1. Switch Positions
Certain sexual positions feel better than others and oftentimes we tend to stick with the ones that we’re most confident with. Whatever the reason – maybe we like the way our bodies look in doggy style or we know that missionary gives us guaranteed orgasms – doing it the same way over and over can simply leave us wanting more.

We’re not talking trying a pretzel-like yoga position or trying every page out of the Kama Sutra, but even adding a simple position that you don’t usually try can bring enough variety to your sex session to amp up the intimacy.

So think about your routine. Is it missionary, spooning, then finishing on top? Or starting on top and finishing doggy? (Or is it missionary all the way every day?) Change the pattern and incorporate something you typically skip – you never know what a little spontaneity might do for your (or your partner’s) excitement level!

2. Do It Someplace New
We all know that sex typically happens in bed. (We hear some people even sleep there, too!) But what would happen if you laid down a blanket on the bathroom floor or used your (clean) kitchen table as a stage?

There’s something intensely erotic about doing the deed in unconventional places, but that doesn’t mean you have to think TOO far outside of the box. Subtle changes like doing it in front of a mirror or propping yourself up against the kitchen counter can be enough to feel like you’re banging for the first time.

Different surfaces, different sights, different scents – almost every sense gets triggered and inspired when you’re having sex in a new part of the house, so no need to pump yourself up about getting it on in public. That can come later, once you’re a little more comfortable with the idea, but keep in mind that it’s not exactly legal. So don’t tell anyone we told you to try it. [wink wink]

3. Try a Sex Toy
Sex toys are incredible sexual enhancers that can stimulate parts of the body that fingers, hands and other body parts simply can’t. Sex toys are new territory for some people and may be a bit intimidating at first, but fortunately there’s a plethora of products made for couples to enjoy together that enhance the experience for both. (Sex toys can actually make it easier for men and women to have orgasms – sometimes for the very first time!)

Vibrating rings and vibrating erection rings (also known as cock rings) are great for helping prevent premature ejaculation and helping him last longer during sex. The vibrating motor stimulates her clitoris at the same time so she can get closer to orgasm while he stays nice and hard.

Mini vibes and massagers are perfect additions to certain sex positions where some clitoral vibration can help her reach orgasm. Finger vibes are easy to use and don’t get in the way, while wand massagers and bigger vibrators can be a little bulky but help get the job done with much more power.

And there are all kinds of more advanced sex toys you can test out, too, like feather ticklers, anal plugs and sexy bondage gear as seen in Fifty Shades of Grey. So start with some beginner-level toys and work your way up to the big leagues – the journey will be super-fun and super-sexy, plus you and your partner will build even stronger intimacy along the way!

4. Role Play
This is a classic tip, but sometimes roleplaying can feel a little overwhelming to those of us who might be a little shy. So start simple – don’t worry about costumes and don’t try to pretend you’re some flirty cocktail waitress or suave piano man picking up a “stranger” at the bar.

Start by testing out a different technique – maybe you’re usually passive and let your partner make most of the moves. Make your mindset, “I know what I want, and all I want is YOU” and give your partner a thrill. (Just make sure you two talk about the idea first so you’re both on the same page!) Take charge and see how it feels to be a tad dominant.

Or try spending a night together where intercourse isn’t an option. Like you’ve just met and want to save the official “deed” for a special night. This will let you both get creative with pleasuring each other in ways that often can be forgotten when you’re so focused on the final “goal.” Touching, caressing, licking, cuddling – enjoy each other like you’ve only been dating for a week or two and see what kind of spark you might re-ignite.

5. Laugh
We take sex SO SERIOUSLY sometimes, to the point of almost forgetting to have FUN. And there are all kinds of understandable reasons for it – pressure to please, pressure to perform, self-consciousness and insecurity. We’ve all felt at least one (if not all) of those at some point while naked with a partner. But if you both can remember (and communicate) that you’re in it together as a team, you’ll find the stress and anxiety melt away and possibly even replaced with comfort and closeness.

Believe it or not, there’s a good chance that your partner is feeling the same way you are, so once you share what’s on your mind, you can embark on an entirely new journey together. And if something gets bumped, pinched, knocked over or super messy, all you need to do is laugh together. Because it’s not the end of the world; these kinds of snafus and unexpected events often can help make your sexual experiences unique and special – nothing like that fake stuff you see in the movies!

Have suggestions not listed? Share your tips on how to revive a boring sex life!

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The Screaming O Debuts New Clear ‘Barely There’ Erection Rings


The Screaming O has taken its top-selling RingO x3 cock ring 3-packs and transformed them with a discreet and trendy clear color for a softer silhouette. Once only available in black, these popular erection rings now give men the choice of a how they want to present their packages: with a hard edge or a subtle look.

Following demand for a less conspicuous version of its popular black color, The Screaming O designed its RingO x3 in clear lab-tested SEBS material to provide the enlarged, engorged look men love without the telltale shadow that a dark-colored ring can give.

The RingO x3 offers a convenient selection of three shapes and sizes – firm, medium or classic tension – made with strong and durable materials for fuller and firmer erections. Couples can easily see what size feels and fits right with the best results, whether looking for extreme constriction or a snug fit. All three styles stretch to fit most members and help control premature ejaculation while promoting harder erections and more intense orgasms.

“We’re in the business of customer service and when we heard how much our fans love the RingO x3 and the pure and clean appearance of our pure SEBS, the choice was, well, clear!” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “If there’s one thing we know men want, it’s one-stop-shop convenience. And that’s exactly what the RingO x3 is for!”

And as with all Screaming O sex toys, the RingO x3 has been independently lab-tested to assure optimum material quality and a body-safe experience that men and women of all kinds can enjoy.


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Blast Off Together With the New Orbit Plus Comfortable Cock Ring


Looking for a comfortable erection ring that satisfies your inner love for outer space? The new Orbit Plus vibrating ring features two separate rings for isolated stimulation and constriction and features a sleek white spaceship-inspired design for an even more fun experience.

Made of a softer, more slack SEBS, the Orbit Plus is stretchier for a more comfortable fit and features two separate rings (one for around the shaft and the other for around the testicles) with powerful vibrators attached to each one. This multifaceted design helps prevent premature “blast-off” while massaging her clitoris and his perineum – two of the most sensitive areas on the body for astronomical orgasms every time!

You’ll notice the clitoral stimulator is shaped like a vertical apex; this allows the vibrator to massage not only the clitoris but also the clitoral hood and its surrounding sensitive zones with three warp speeds plus a pulse function. This full-contact design provides the most complete clitoral stimulation possible and accommodates intimate areas of all shapes and sizes!

And for the guys, we designed the penis ring with a smooth interior that lies flush against the skin for a stay-put fit without the typical tight feeling of most cock rings. This comfy fit helps slow blood flow to keep him harder longer while still feeling soft and flexible against delicate skin. And at the base of the testicle ring lies a powerful mini motor that provides instant pleasure to his perineum and stays put thanks to its secure and targeted fit.

You can enjoy the Orbit Plus over and over (it’s reusable!) and have sex with confidence knowing that, as with every Screaming O product, the Orbit Plus’ stretchy material has been independently lab-tested to assure optimum material quality and a quality, body-safe experience.

We had so much fun incorporating our love of geeky spaceship themes into the Orbit Plus while also helping to create an even more efficient erection ring. With a distinctive rocket-like silhouette and multi-functionality, the Orbit Plus is one of The Screaming O’s most fun designs, and we hope you love it, too!


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Go Down & STAY Down with the SnorkelO Oral Sex Aid!


It’s never been easier to maintain your cunning linguist status with the new SnorkelO oral sex aid, a clever (and cheeky) version of a snorkel that lets you go down – and stay down – without skipping a beat. Its unique Breathe Easy Air Flow System keeps air flowing strong and steady while you keep her satisfied for as long as she needs, and you won’t ever kill the mood by coming up for air!

Plus the SnorkelO comes equipped with a mini motor that, with the touch of a button, sends powerful vibration throughout the mouthpiece to help orgasms come faster and easier. It’s one of the best cunnilingus enhancers on the market and requires barely any effort from you!

Simply place the SnorkelO under the nose with the Easy Breathe Air Flow tubes positioned in each nostril and take a deep breath through the nose to see how it feels. Once it’s comfortably in place, wrap the strap around your head and cinch together to adjust the fit. You’ll be ready go to in an instant and experiment with all kinds of positions and techniques that you’ve always wanted to try together!

And with every SnorkelO purchase comes membership into the official Muff Divers Association, so you and your partner can enjoy an intimate inside joke in between dive sessions.

The SnorkelO’s nosepiece is made of 100% silicone, and as with all Screaming O sex toys has been independently lab-tested to assure optimum material quality and a quality, body-safe experience. So what are you waiting for! Suit up, strap on a SnorkelO, and always be prepared for every muff-dive adventure that comes your way!


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