Become a Cunnilingus Pro in 9 Simple Steps


Become a Cunnilingus Pro in 9 Simple Steps

Cunnilingus. Muff-diving. Good ol’ oral sex. It’s a common concern among men and women eager to please their partners with their “linguistic” skills and understandably so! The vulva (the accurate term for female genitalia) can be complicated to navigate, especially knowing that no one woman enjoys the same series of oral events. But if there’s one thing that women appreciate most, it’s effort and eagerness to please. Getting into the groove (and learning the dance moves she responds to best) comes much easier when both parties are enthusiastically open-minded and excited to get down to business.

So here’s a primer with tips and tricks that take the guesswork out of pussy-eating and give you and your partner something fun to try together – maybe even tonight!

1. Get Groomed

There’s some general tidying up that should be done prior to going down – and we’re not talking about her. If you’re planning on going face-deep and getting your fingers involved, you must make sure there aren’t any stray pokey bits that could result in a less-than-pleasurable experience.

Trim your nails short. Cut away any hangnails or scratchy stuff. And wash your hands before you touch any parts of her precious pussy. Also, keep in mind that your 5 o’clock shadow might feel like sandpaper against certain sensitive areas, so if shaving smooth isn’t an option, take care with how hard you press your face between her legs.

2. Get Excited!

Keep in mind that while you might be raring and ready to dive in, she might be feeling a little shy. Or nervous. Or even afraid. Some of the most common concerns women have when receiving oral sex include fear that their partners aren’t into it, that their vulvas look weird or smell funny, and that oral sex is just an obligatory precursor to “hitting home.”

Nothing gets a women going faster than hearing how much she’s wanted. How you can’t wait to taste her, smell her, feel her and that your No. 1 priority is giving her pleasure. Letting her know how eager and excited you are to be with her will help calm her mind and prevent pesky thoughts and anxiety from getting in the way of you going down.

3. Get a Good Look

It’s important to see what you have to work with before you attempt to make her come. Every vulva is unique – some have large labia, some have tiny clitorises, others have different-colored skin – and the only way to get comfortable is to get acquainted.

For some women, the most important part of the female pleasure process is the clitoris and much of the cunnilingus process involves this important organ, so be sure you know where it is before you move onto the next steps. Fortunately, the clitoris can always be found in the same general place: the “top” of the vulva, typically between the folds of the inner labia. And if she’s turned on a bit, the tip of the clitoris (called the glans) might actually poke out a little and make it easier to find.

Check out this crash course in all things clitoris before you get started – it’ll help you understand just how powerful and special this seemingly small piece of sexual anatomy can be.

4. Get a Slow Start

She may be lying on her back with her legs spread, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately dive between. There are a slew of important erogenous zones that could use attention to help spark the arousal process – think of it as oral sex foreplay. The less attention you pay to her nether regions, the more sensitive they’ll get and by the time your tongue makes contact, she’ll be writhing and wriggling in anticipation.

5. Leave the Clitoris Alone! (For Now.)

Once you’ve paid attention to her body and she’s warmed up to your touch, it’s time to get down to business – sorta. As mentioned above, every vulva (just like every woman) is different with various sensitive spots and no-go zones that can only be discovered through trial and error and talking to each other. Map out her pleasure points by gently touching or licking various areas and asking if she likes how it feels. She should be able to respond verbally (or at least with a moan of approval) when she enjoys what you’re doing and, most importantly, give you a heads up when she’s not feelin’ it. This kind of communication takes the guess work out of giving good head and relieves a lot of the pressure to perform – and makes it a LOT easier to just have fun.

6. Test Out the Clit

While the clitoris plays a key role in cunnilingus, it’s important to note that not all women respond to stimulation the same way. For some women, touching or licking the clit feels downright painful but for others, the only way they can get off is with hard vigorous flicking. So, like you did in #5, see how she responds to different kinds of clitoral stimulation and let her tell you what she likes and doesn’t.

It’s important to note that the glans of the clitoris is often slightly (and sometimes completely) covered by a hood of skin. Many women prefer to be licked and touched over that hood because the clit is just too sensitive on its own. Some women enjoy having their clitorises exposed and stimulated directly. And others can only handle licking near and around the clit.

Oral sex for women is sort of like ordering pizza. She likes extra cheese, a little bit of onion, and only eat the crust when she feels like it while that girl over there wants the works with chili flakes and a side of ranch. The only way to know what kind of pizza your partner likes is to ask her. (And she’ll probably feel pretty damn good knowing you cared enough to inquire.)

7. Lick, Suck, etc.

Now it’s time to experiment with different tongue motions, strokes, speeds and pressure. You’ve probably heard of the alphabet technique (writing out the 26 letters with your tongue) but there’s a better way to find the right rhythm. Circles, up-and-down licks, tickling the tip, side-to-side sweeping, firm pressure, soft flat strokes – the options for pleasurable motions are almost endless and it’ll be relatively easy to tell which ones she wants you to do more of. Women often respond well to repetitive motions, so when you learn the movement she likes, keep doing it at a steady pace. It’s a surefire way to get her closer to orgasm.

PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid to try something and have it not do the trick, because there’s a good chance she might not exactly know what she likes yet and this is a great opportunity to learn together. And heck, you might end up introducing her to something new!

8. Add Penetration (if She’s Into it)

Many women find they can come faster with the addition of vaginal penetration, so check with your partner to see if she’s one of them. If she is, wait until she’s aroused, engorged and excited. Lube up your fingers using her own wetness (or you can use your saliva) and gently insert one finger (start slow!) and try adding a second if she seems ready. Move your finger(s) slowly in and out while you move your tongue on or around her clitoris and adjust speed and movement according to how she responds with her body. Chances are, the sounds she’ll be making will be enough of a sign that you should keep going – and not stop.


It’ll be relatively clear when you’ve gotten into the right groove and she’s on her way to reaching orgasm. Her breath will deepen, her hips might rock and move to meet your face, she might even grab your head and tell you some form of “Oh god, don’t stop!” And if you’ve received one or more of those signs, it’s time to keep the pace and try not to lose it. She’s building her way to an orgasm and it’s your job to ride – and enjoy – the wave!

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4 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Penis


4 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Penis

Your penis. It knows you better than your best friend (for some of you, it might BE your best friend) and is always between your legs by your side ready and waiting for your next adventure. But how well do YOU know your Johnson, your Peter, your Willie?

This important appendage is capable of many great things but there are a few you may not have heard of, so we’ve compiled them here for you to study and remember forever. Try whipping out one of these factoids next time you’re at a loss for dinner date conversation!*

* Not actually recommended

1. Penises Can Fire Up to 8 Feet

Many guys keep personal score of their ejaculatory prowess and feel the farther they can “shoot” their ejaculate, the better or more powerful their penises are. But studies show that’s not actually true!

Alfred Kinsey, the pioneer sex researcher who paved the way for sexologists today, spent much of the 1930s and 1940s studying human sexuality with the help of thousands of human subjects (and caused all kinds of controversy doing it). One of his studies involved measuring the ejaculatory distances of 100-or-so men and found that some of the subjects were able to make it up to the 8-foot mark!

There hasn’t been a TON of follow-up research regarding this lower-priority sex topic, but we did find that another set of sexology pioneers did their own masturbatory measuring with less impressive results. William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson, the duo behind Master and Johnson (and inspiration for the recent Showtime hit Masters of Sex), studied human sexuality and sexual response from the late 1950s up until just a couple of decades ago and found that their male subjects ejaculated up to barely 2 feet.

But before you whip out some lube and a tape measure, keep this in mind: researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College later found that the force of ejaculation is NOT related to your penis’ physical abilities. The distance one can ejaculate is actually dependent on how satisfied he feels about his orgasm. So keep your head in the game and stay positive next time you release!

2. Your Penis Needs Exercise

Without regular erections, it’s possible for the muscles of the penis to atrophy and lose their tone. These muscles require regular oxygenation (which happens when blood rushes into the shaft when erect) and without regular stiff ones, the penis can become less malleable and even shrink in size. So for men who find difficulty getting hard on the reg and want to keep their dicks in healthy condition, doctors recommend the use of sexual aids like penis pumps. These gadgets use suction to swell the penis with blood and help ensure that it stays in shape. Gives a whole new meaning to “use it or lose it”!

3. You Can Shoot Even When You’re Soft 

Your penis doesn’t need to be rock-hard to ejaculate. In fact, it can happen when you’re completely flaccid! The ejaculation response center is actually in your spine, which sends signals to and from your brain and genitals during sexual stimulation and ultimate tells the muscles at the base of your shaft to contract. (Which ultimately forces semen out of you.) It’s these muscles that are responsible for ejaculation regardless of whether or not the penis is engorged.

You can see for yourself next time you’re in the mood to experiment – try stimulating yourself in ways other than stroking (vibrator to the frenulum or taint can help!) and see what might happen!

4. Quitting Smoking Might Make Your Dick Bigger

Researchers have found that men who quit smoking cigarettes (without relapsing) end up having thicker and more rigid rods over time! You see, cigarette-smoking calcifies blood vessels and dramatically stifles circulation – and that counts for your penis, too.

Hard, strong erections depend on steady blood flow, so doctors and sex educators alike recommend trading in Camels for condoms to keep your penis in firm working condition. Strong circulation means bigger erections, to quit those smokes and start having better sex (and better breath)!

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Lasting Longer in Bed Has Never Been So Easy!


Lasting Longer in Bed Has Never Been So Easy!

July 24, 2015

Worried you might not last long enough in bed? Well, you’re not alone; this is one of the most common concerns of men of all ages, regardless if they actually have issues with premature ejaculation. Whether you’re a “one minute man” or simply want to wait until your partner comes first, there’s a new solution to longer-lasting, more satisfying sex – and it’s literally only a spray (or two) away.

Dynamo Delay is a brand new male desensitizing spray, the first and only FDA-compliant delay spray proudly made in the USA using a concentrated 13% lidocaine formula, which means men can improve stamina, increase endurance and prolong pleasure with just a few sprays and barely any extra effort. Gone are the days of counting backwards, thinking about baseball, and every other mental trick to keep from coming – now you can stay present and focused on your partner’s pleasure without worrying about whether you’re about to explode.

Compared to other leading delay sprays, Dynamo Delay is 35% more concentrated, contains 50% more product and twice the number of sprays per bottle – all at about half the cost per spray! At $14.95 a bottle, Dynamo Delay is now the most affordable, most effective and most powerful male genital desensitizing spray available.

“There’s a lot of snake oil out there and it was time to create a delay spray that follows the strict guidelines of the FDA, a true over-the-counter medicine that men and their partners can trust,” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “Studies estimate that 70% of men will experience premature ejaculation of some form at some point in their lives; we believe that they deserve a fast, effective and affordable solution without an embarrassing prescription, nasty side effects or fear that it won’t actually work.”

Like all real U.S. medicines, the lidocaine used in Dynamo Delay is tested against strict U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) standards to ensure strength, quality and purity. Chosen over for its more powerful numbing ability, lidocaine is one of the most studied drugs on the market and has shown effective in men aged 23-70 – meaning men of all adult ages can benefit from the effects of a product like Dynamo Delay.

With so many desensitizing options on store shelves, but so few of them legal and with FDA-approved indications, The Screaming O urges men and their partners to trust Dynamo Delay for their intimate needs.

Visit for more information and to place an order today!


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Lenny Kravitz #Penisgate Sparks New Conversation About C-rings


Lenny Kravitz #Penisgate Sparks New Conversation About C-rings

Aug. 6, 2015

In case you’ve been asleep or living in a wifi-free cave, you may have missed what’s been deemed #penisgate: famously sexual rocker Lenny Kravitz split his leather pants during a festival concert on Monday and gave fans a seriously full frontal view. (He was going commando.) And a flash of metal at the base of his dick sent the Internet ablaze – was this 51-year-old rock star sporting a cock ring on stage? And if so….why?!

Rumors quickly were squashed by clarification that the glint of silver was actually from a penis piercing and NOT a cock ring (Kravitz has talked about it before) but questions still arose: Why would he wear a cock ring under his clothes? Aren’t cock rings meant for sex?

Well, yes! But there’s a lesser-known (but supremely awesome) benefit to strapping on a cock ring before a night on the town – especially if you’re going sans underwear. They make your junk look BIGGER.

Cock rings typically fit tight around the shaft and testicles right at the base. This constricting action can actually turn your package into a full-on bulge and the longer you wear it – as long as it feels comfortable and NOT painful! – the bigger everything will get. You won’t necessarily get a boner, but you’ll definitely look bigger below the belt. So pair a bulging package with tight leather pants à la Lenny Kravitz (maybe keep the undies on, though) and you’ll leave a lasting impression on your audience.

The more you know…

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Creative Ways to Use a Vibrating Ring


2 Creative Ways to Use a Vibrating Cock Ring – Even If You Don’t Have a Cock!

Vibrating rings are one of the most popular sex toys you can buy, and for good reason! Their packaging promotes easier orgasms and unrivaled erections all with the goal of having better sex – but what happens when you find yourself with one of these wonder rings but without a penis within arm’s reach? Here are two easy ways to put a ring on it when “it” isn’t available (or of interest).

Stretch it On a Sex Toy

Most vibrating rings are made of stretchy material so that they can fit on almost any size penis – which means they’ll also fit on your favorite dildo! Turn any dildo into a unique version of a rabbit vibe by positioning the ring’s vibrating motor to make contact with your clitoris with each move. Stretchier rings might need to be stretched around more than once to keep the motor in place, but once you find the sweet spot, you’ll have a brand new sex toy on your hands that cost a fraction of what you’d have spent on one of those fancy dual-stim devices!

PRO TIP: The harder the dildo material, the more intense the vibrations will feel. If you’ve got your hands on a stainless steel or hard plastic, for example, try stretching the vibrating ring on the end furthest from the entry point. The firm material will transfer the vibration stronger than any silicone dildo can, meaning those intense stimulating vibes will end up radiating from deep inside.

Wear it On Your Finger

Not in the mood to wear something strapped to your dildo? We don’t blame you. Instead, try coiling the vibrating ring around your most dexterous finger (we recommend your index finger to start) and position the mini motor on the soft pad on the other side of your fingernail. (Keep in mind that vibrating rings are very stretchy, so you might need to loop it round your finger more than once!) Depending on the strength of the motor, you’ll likely feel vibration travel all the way down your finger, which ends up enhancing the experience over all. Your other fingers might even end up buzzing a little!

Now that you’ve turned your hand into a sex toy, tingle and tickle all of your favorite spots – you’ll feel pleasant sensations pretty much everywhere you touch. Try massaging and teasing sensitive areas that don’t always get enough attention (nipples or inner thighs, for instance) and revel in the fact that you’ve finagled the most affordable finger vibrator ever.

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4 Points to Consider Before Putting On a Cock Ring


4 Points to Consider Before Putting On a Cock Ring

We hear all kinds of information about cock rings, love rings, couples rings, vibrating rings – rings for all kinds of things – and why they’re awesome, but they can be confusing when confronting one face to face. There’s a lot to keep in mind before strapping one on and it’s not always intuitive (though it’s also not rocket science), so we thought we’d offer a quick guide to take the mystery out of the subject matter. Here are four of the most important points to consider:

Where Are You Wearing It?

Cock rings can actually be worn in one of two ways, depending on your preference: either around the penis and testicles, creating a snug fit at the base of the body; or just around the base of the penis, leaving the testicles to dangle on their own. It helps to try a variety of widths and sizes to see what feels best; some men like a tight fit around the shaft but something with more give when the testicles are involved.

Most men like cock rings because of their ability to engorge and enhance their package, which can lead to greater sensitivity, stronger orgasms and longer-lasting sex. But sometimes the best part is knowing that wearing a cock ring can make your junk look bigger. Because who doesn’t want that?

What’s it Made Of?

Rings come in many forms – some are stretchy, some are rock-hard steel, and others have straps and snaps. Each one is worn in a different way, so keep this in mind when you’re starting to shop.

Stretchy rings can be easy to put on and get off, depending on how stretchy they are. We suggest starting made of elastomer or SEBS as they stretch much more than most silicones and once you’ve gotten the hang, upgrade to something made of a more expensive material. Whatever material you choose, start out by stretching the cock ring as wide as it can go (just keep a good grip on it so you don’t snap yourself!) so you can ease your way in and adjust as necessary. BONUS: stretchy materials can be quickly and easily removed in an emergency by simply snipping them with scissors.

RingO 3-pack in clear, stretchy, body-safe SEBS

RingO 3-pack in clear, stretchy, body-safe SEBS

Stainless steel, stone or other rings made of materials that don’t stretch are for more advanced users because they can fit quite tight and be tremendously difficult to remove once you’re done. Once you’re engorged and rock hard, these things aren’t coming off easily, so use caution.

Leather and other cock rings that attach with snaps are popular because they are so simple to get on and off. Snap the two ends together to your preferred tightness level and then unsnap them in an instant when you’re ready. These tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than effective for sexual enhancement, however, so choose a different material if you’re looking for a tighter fit.

How’s the Hair Down There?

Cock rings, especially ones made of stretchy materials, can sometimes pull or yank on pubic hair as your put them on and off. We recommend using lubricant to keep the area smooth and slick, which lets the cock ring slide across the skin without accidentally catching on something you don’t want it to. If you’re completely new to the cock ring game, you could even try shaving the area to completely remove the risk of hair-pulling – it all depends on your comfort level.

Does Your Cock Ring Vibrate?

Many cock rings come with vibrating motors attached, often designed to provide your partner with some stimulation while you’re going at it. If your partner is a woman, chances are she might enjoy the feeling of a vibrating ring against her clitoris – it often can help her reach orgasm without having to reach down and do it herself. Just make sure the vibrating motor is positioned correctly so it can make contact with her sweet spot.

If your partner is a man, he might enjoy feeling tickling vibration against his taint. Try wearing the cock ring with the motor below your penis and/or testicles to give him (and you!) a little vibrating boost. Many cock rings also come with extra ticklers and stimulators, so if you and your partner are big fans of taint tapping and ball bumping, try a cock ring with swinging beads and dual motors. They can turn up the fun with the touch of a button.


The Screaming O Original Vibrating Ring

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4 Reasons Why Orgasms are Good for Women’s Health!


4 Reasons Why Orgasms are Good for Women’s Health! 

It’s no secret that having an orgasm can have health benefits – who doesn’t feel lighter, happier and genuinely better after rubbing one out (or having someone handle it for you)? But it’s more than just an endorphin rush and fresh-faced flush that makes an orgasm a day keep the doctor away.

  1. Say Bye-Bye to the BluesThe endorphin rush that follows an O-face not only gives you a boost of energy and joy, but it also helps flush out cortisol, a hormone commonly linked to stress. Cortisol can cause inflammation in the body and give you that heavy, weighed-down feeling that comes along with tension and pressure. But every orgasm you have can help keep cortisol levels down – and your spirits up!
  2. Orgasms Were an Old-School Cure-allBack in the late 19th century, doctors used to give orgasms to female patients who’d come down with an illness they called “hysteria.” Treatment included doctors using their fingers to stimulate women until they had a “release” that visibly changed their mood and demeanor. Women who entered doctors’ offices with anxiety, fits and frantic behavior ended up leaving feeling calm, relaxed and in bright spirits – so it made sense that this method was a logical and effective cure.As you can imagine, hysteria became an epidemic with women needing multiple and frequent treatments (well, duh) and soon, doctors created electric stimulators – now known as vibrators – to help them handle the influx of patients. (And to give their hands and fingers a break!)
  3. Orgasms Can Kill Pain!Orgasms provide an analgesic effect similar to over-the-counter pain meds thanks to the release of oxytocin, a hormone that many associate with a blissful feeling. It’s created by the brain and released during childbirth, breast-feeding and sex (among other times, of course) and can help alleviate the pain associated with headaches, menstrual cramps, aching muscles and more. So next time you feel some pain coming on, try supplementing Advil with an orgasm or three!
  4. Orgasms Get Your Blood FlowingYour heart beats faster as you get closer to orgasm, causing blood to flow faster throughout the body so it can get to the necessary areas and heighten your senses in preparation for that big O. But as your face and body flush with that telltale pink glow, some scientists believe that your body is also getting a jumpstart as blood flows extra-fast, detoxifying your system and help aid in digestion and other common bodily functions!


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Everything You Need to Know About the Clitoris



It’s more a wishbone than a bean.

We’ve all heard of flicking the bean, but did you know the clitoris is actually shaped more like that forked bone we sometimes fight over on Thanksgiving? In 1998, scientists discovered that the majority of the clitoris is actually internal, hidden from sight and is MUCH larger than anything previously imagined. The little nub we sometimes call the “man in the boat” – it’s actually called the glans – is merely the apex of the clitoris with the rest of it extending deep inside the pelvic region. That wishbone shape that allows it to connect to some important interior bits and pieces responsible sexual function and response, which all work together to help make sex feel good for her!

It has no purpose other than pleasure.

The clitoris’ single and sole function is to provide its “owner” with pleasure. In fact, it’s the only human organ that exists solely for pleasure – unlike the penis, which has important reproductive functions. (And makes it possible for men to pee.)

They get erect – just like penises.

Believe it or not, the clitoris and penis are quite alike! It has a glans (the “bean”), a foreskin (the clitoral hood), and is made up of erectile tissue that engorges with blood and gets hard when aroused and during sexual stimulation – and it relaxes and chills out after orgasm.

They’re responsible for the majority of women’s orgasms.

Contrary to old-school belief, the majority of women (some say up to 75%!) need some kind of clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm – no amount of thrusting, pumping or banging with a penis will get most women over the edge. And because the clitoris’ wishbone shape extends around the vaginal canal, women who DO orgasm from intercourse alone likely had the interior parts of the clitoris stimulated by the penis’ position inside.

So don’t worry if she doesn’t moan in ecstasy while you two get it on. She’s not broken and he’s not bad at sex – chances her she just needs a little clit action to help her along the way. (And there are some incredible sex toys out there to help make it happen faster and easier!)

They have twice as many nerve endings as penises.

Though seemingly small, the clitoris is a mighty pleasure player featuring about 8,000 responsive nerve endings – compared to the roughly 4,000 that the penis carries around. This is one of the reasons why some women find it almost painful to have their clitorises touched directly with the clitoral hood pulled back. Too many feels!

There’s no ONE WAY to stimulate it.

We’re constantly looking for the best, the correct, the most perfect way to make her cum (understandably so!) but believe it or not, every clitoris – and the woman attached – is like a snowflake. No two are alike physically or sensually, so chances are that the rulebook you read in Maxim or Cosmo isn’t going to apply to every woman on the block.

Instead, ask her what she likes. Maybe she’ll even show you – SUPER HOT FOREPLAY ALERT. Some women like soft strokes while others prefer hard pressure and there’s no way to know without asking the source. Because at the end of the day, only she really knows best – but if she isn’t sure, finding out what feels good together can be an amazingly intimate and sexy collaborative effort that could ultimately bring you closer as a couple. (Or at least closer to orgasm.)

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6 Important Erogenous Zones You Probably Overlook


6 Important Erogenous Zones You Probably Overlook

The human body is chock full of sensitive zones and pleasure places that we love tickled, teased and licked for days. They can help us get in the mood and even reach orgasms easier, which is why they’re often our go-to spots when we’re getting it on. But there are some lesser-known areas that don’t get as much attention as do the usual suspects (hello, clit and penis!) but should probably be part of our pre-game routine every time.

Inner Elbow

Also known as the antecubital space or elbow pit, this part of the arm sits between your bicep and forearm and is covered by a soft and sensitive patch of skin. This area is extremely responsive to sensation (no wonder we hate getting our blood drawn!) but when touched in the right way, it can send tingles and shivers all over your body. Try gentle, slow stroking motions that run all the way down your forearm and watch your partner’s eyes roll in the back of his or her head!

 Lower Abdomen

It might seem like a no-brainer, but the lower stomach is often forgotten as we move from mouth to penis or nipples to clits. Many of us carry a lot of stress in the abdomen and without some TLC, this tension can get in the way of letting our juices flow. We recommend giving the area around and below the belly button some attention with kisses and light licking – and try incorporating some soft stroking while you make out, just to up the sensation ante a tad.


People often feel super squeamish about armpits. We associate them with icky smells, sweaty hair, and general “ew gross” sentiments. But our underarms share connective tissue with our shoulders, upper back, and other nearby parts and can greatly affect the level of tension we feel in our upper bodies.

Plus, our armpits play a crucial role in keeping us healthy! The underarms are home to part of our lymphatic system, a biological highway of sorts that helps the body eliminate toxins, waste and other unwanted icky stuff. Light massage can help the lymph nodes flow better while providing a lovely tickly sensation, thanks to its delicate skin. Paying gentle attention not only feels good, but also promotes relaxation and better health!


Before you say, “No, duh!” just wait – there’s a special reason why we included this on our list. Many men and women love to have their nipples licked and rubbed (even pinched!), but there’s research out there that explains why women respond to this stimulation with orgasmic results.

A 2011 study used an MRI to watch the different parts of the brain that become active when certain parts of the female body are stimulated. They found that touching the nipples lit up the same part of the brain as did touching the clitoris, vagina and cervix – which might explain why some women report having orgasms just from nipple stimulation alone!

So next time you touch the nipples as part of the usual foreplay routine, think about making it a combo deal. Lick the nipples while rubbing the clitoris; pinch the nipples while kissing the labia – see what happens when you combine intense erogenous zones. We have a feeling that the results will be more than promising.


Most of us love having our hair washed or our heads scratched because it feels good? But scientists have been trying to find out why, and the results so far offer some interesting insight.

One scientist found that scratching the skin activates areas of the brain associated with memory and pleasure while suppressing those related to pain and emotions. Scratching creates a temporary sense of pain, which causes the brain to respond and relieve the discomfort by releasing serotonin – the same mood-altering neurotransmitter that’s produced during orgasm. This may be why scratching the scalp can promote relaxation and a sense of happiness (albeit briefly) and is a welcome addition to any bedroom routine.

 Upper Lip – and Above!         

Our lips are used for lots of things in and out of the bedroom, but when was the last time you simply touched them? The soft sloping area between your upper lip and the tip of your nose is super-sensitive and responds to gentle sweeping touches. Try outlining the upper lip with the tip of your index finger and follow the lines up to your partner’s nose as you kiss or nibble the neck or cheeks. We’re all accustomed to the feeling of another set of lips, rather than a soft finger, on our mouths which is why this welcome change of pace can feel incredibly titillating!

Any other overlooked pleasure zones that you particularly enjoy?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Better Sex Through Self-Confidence


It’s no secret that self-confidence can have a direct effect on our lives, but did you know that feeling good about yourself can lead to better, more satisfying sex? And even more orgasms?

Multiple studies over the last 15-or-so years suggest that sexual dissatisfaction and even sexual dysfunction are related to a variety of cognitive distractions, which is a fancy term for stuff we dwell on when we should be focusing on something else. One such study, conducted in 2006 at the University of Nevada, found that women who reported higher levels of distraction during sex often also reported negative body image and overall sexual dissatisfaction. Coincidentally, men reported similar distractions, with negative body image and sexual dissatisfaction taking top billing.

This tells us that, while our plumbing and appearance are certainly different, men and women have at least one important thing in common – we aren’t super-hot on how we look and it could be getting in the way of having good sex!

So what can we do about it? Our self-esteem often is the result of years, even decades of social programming and isn’t something we can adjust and change with the flip of a switch. But there are some ways we can slowly undo all of those damaging thoughts and focus instead on treating ourselves with the same kind of love and respect we (hopefully) show our partners. Here are a few suggestions to get started:

1. Be Your Own BFF

How many times per day do you look in the mirror and find something to sneer at? Do you beeline for your thighs and call yourself a jiggle-monster? Do you check out your dick and chuckle at its size? Chances are there’s at least something that catches your eye and causes you to hurl an array of negative thoughts, feelings or blatant bad words at yourself.

Now think of your best friend. Imagine being a fly on his or her bedroom wall and watching the same scene go down. She calls herself a fat cow as she watches her reflection. He sneers with disgust as he flexes his bicep. What do you do? Our instinct might be to tell them to shut the fuck up, stop talking about themselves like that. We might even mention all of the beautiful, strong and hilarious things we love about them just for good measure.

So why not try that for yourself? When those negative feelings creep in and you’re choosing which insults to hurl at your reflection, ask yourself: “Would I let my bestie get away with that?” If the answer’s no, then it’s time to treat yourself the way you’d treat your BFF.

2. Focus on the Good

We all hate aspects of our physical selves and that’s a frank reality. Almost every body part is too fat/soft/small/whatever or too big/thick/straight/whatever and there’s nothing anyone can do to change your mind. So it’s time to bite the bullet and get over yourself.

What DO you like about yourself? (Ask a friend or a loved one if you’re feeling particularly critical.) You might think your lips are too thin or your hair is too frizzy, but have you noticed how soft your skin feels? You also might think your thighs touch too much or your arms are too skinny, but damn your ass looks good in yoga pants. Diffuse all that negative talk with reminders of the body parts and attributes that you’re proud of (and maybe even love!) and truly OWN them. The more you do it, the easier it gets – and you might feel a little better about yourself by the time you’re ready for your next bedroom encounter.

3. Get Real

This is the easiest tip because there’s literally nothing you need to do.

Your partner has eyes. Probably two of them. He or she uses those eyes to look at you and probably already noticed your big ass, knobby knees, crooked penis – whatever it is that you’re obsessing over. And there’s literally nothing you can do about it, save offering him or her a facemask or removing all light bulbs from the room. (Not recommended – safety hazard.)

Sex is raw, carnal and inelegant and there’s no amount of makeup, pillows, positions or dimmer switches that’ll prevent your partner from seeing you – all of you. That body part you hate didn’t send him or her running out the door and there’s a good chance that your partner might even grab it while you go at it. Because it’s HOT. He or she is there to do you and do you good, so get your head in the game and at least a little bit out of the self-loathing clouds so you can focus on the incredible mindful sex you’re about to have.

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