Go Slim with New ‘GO Stix’ Disposable Vibrating Rings

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Go Slim with New ‘GO Stix’ Disposable Vibrating Rings

Those incredibly convenient mini vibes we boasted about last week are now available as a vibrating ring, giving couples instant access to super-powerful and super-slim vibration!

These portable love rings feature a stretchy cock ring connected to its super-skinny vibrating motor, so he can wear it around his full package to keep the motor in place and standing tall. Made of non-porous ABS encased in body-safe SEBS, GO Stix Rings feature a uniquely vertical motor that can easily be adjusted for perfect positioning and better stimulation.

GO Stix Vibrating Rings are the latest of The Screaming O’s famous portable and disposable sex toy series, offering people of all lifestyles the perfect powerful mini vibe for any occasion. Its lightweight and skinny motor is strategically positioned vertically for full coverage of the clitoris’ most sensitive areas, and when flipped upside down, the GO Stix Vibrating Ring can target the perineum with ease. With just a finger, users can maneuver the motor to the left, right, or up against the body to adjust firmness and placement, hitting the right spot without interruption.

But don’t be fooled by their bright colors and compact size – GO Stix Vibrating Rings pack a powerful 13,500 RPM mini motor in their tiny shape, making them one of the strongest stimulating rings small enough to fit in a pocket!

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New ‘GO Stix’ Super-slim Disposable Mini Vibes Pack 13,500 RPMs

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New ‘GO Stix’ Super-slim Disposable Mini Vibes Pack 13,500 RPMs       

There’s nothing quite like having a powerful mini vibe on hand for whenever the need might strike, and The Screaming O has come out with one that packs full-size power into a petite shape worthy of any pocket or purse. They’re called GO Stix and they vibrate at a whopping 13,500 RPMs – no, seriously – so even the most seasoned sex toy fan can leave satisfied.

These portable mini vibes are perfect for foreplay or adding stimulation to pretty much any sex position with ease. Their lightweight and skinny design makes them easy to maneuver around harder-to-reach spots and their slender shape sends vibration directly to the tip for targeted vibration. But don’t be fooled by their bright colors and compact size – GO Stix’s powerful 13,500 RPM mini motor makes them one of the strongest stimulators small enough to fit in a pocket

Plus they’re quiet, inconspicuous and completely disposable, making them ideal for travel and anyone curious to try a vibrator for the first time.

But the best part: GO Stix are made of ABS plastic covered with a soft SEBS sleeve, two materials that have been lab-tested for safety, purity and quality – making them affordable, convenient AND 100% body-safe!

So whether for an oral sex boost or unobtrusive clitoral stimulation, you’ll be ready to GO anytime (and anywhere) your craving strikes!

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Sweeten Your Sex Life with the New Screaming O PoP Vibe!


Sweeten Your Sex Life with the New Screaming O PoP Vibe!

This lollypop-looking vibrator combines thoughtful design with SCIENCE to bring you the most powerful and affordable massager we’ve ever seen – and it comes in four colors to sweeten the deal!

The PoPVibe features a uniquely angled and elongated neck that makes it easy to reach almost every external erogenous zone with powerful deep rumbling vibration. Whether you’re knee-deep in Reverse Cowgirl or adding a little clitoral stimulation to your basic Missionary position, the PoPVibe is comfortable to hold and maneuver without getting in the way – all while giving your wrists a rest!

But the best part? Referencing a 2012 pilot study published in the research journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy, we chose to use a lower frequency motor to give fans a deeper, more penetrating sensation that helps prevent surface numbing and temporary desensitization. This 3-speed plus pulse motor is strategically located in its 100% silicone-sleeved vibrating head for direct and reliable stimulation everywhere it touches. Compared to most other vibrators, which buzz at a high pitch, the PoPVibe feels AND sounds completely different – and it’s something you’ve gotta feel to believe!

Plus its base is completely flat, allowing the PoPVibe to stand tall on even surfaces when not in use (no awkward rolling around or lint-catching!) and with the push-button control located at the bottom of the handle, users will never worry about accidental toggling or turning the whole thing off mid-O. We’re thoughtful like that!

So check out the PoPVibe and see how this body-safe, budget-friendly option can rock your world!


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Jessica Biel’s New Sex-ed Venture Helps Women Understand their Bodies


Jessica Biel’s New Sex-ed Venture Helps Women Understand their Bodies

Sept. 25, 2015

You might be surprised to hear that actress Jessica Biel (you might know her as that girl from that CW classic “7th Heaven”…or as Justin Timberlake’s wife) has spent a chunk of time with WomanCare Global, an organization dedicated to providing women around the world with family planning and reproductive health care.

As a recent family-planner herself – Biel gave birth to her and Timberlake’s first child half a year ago – she’s teamed with WomanCare Global CEO Saundra Pelletier to produce a series of sex-ed videos aimed at women and girls who don’t have access to this kind of education. (They come out on the 28th…stay tuned!)

This might be amazing – comprehensive sexuality education is key for developing strong, confident and self-aware individuals, yet it’s incredibly rare to find schools (or parents) providing accurate information. So if the impressive sex-ed talents of Laci Green, Sex Nerd Sandra and Dan Savage haven’t been enough to get the sex-positive conversation going, Biel (with the help of WomanCare Global) might become a pivotal piece of the puzzle. That is, if her side of the conversation extends beyond pregnancy and periods.

Biel recently told Glamour Magazine that the sex-ed idea came to her while she and Timberlake first started trying to have a baby.

“Now what happens?” she recalled. “I’ve been on the Pill for so long; how hard will it be to get pregnant?”

Biel even found herself confused about her own fertility.

“Suddenly I realized I really didn’t know what’s going on inside my own body,” she said. “It was shocking.”

While some in the sex education world question Biel’s qualifications, other applaud her use of her celebrity status to promote important information in a way that’s accessible to the Internet-enabled public. (Communities with slow dial-up or no electricity are SOL, it seems.)

According to WomanCare Global’s official announcement, no question is off-limits and Biel is prepared to discuss anything from puberty to conception. And while those topics are poignant, we wonder what’ll happen when someone asks about sexual pleasure – the kind that doesn’t involve baby-making.

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3 Stealthy Sex Toys That’ll Pass Through TSA


3 Stealthy Sex Toys That’ll Pass Through TSA

Travel can sometimes be daunting, especially when it involves airports and security lines, and it’s even tougher when you’re trying to make sure your suite of sex toys makes it through TSA without a hitch. We’ve all heard the embarrassing horror stories of agents searching bags only to find dildos and other private objects tucked inside, or tales of carry-on suitcases emitting a telltale buzzing sound that sets off alarms throughout the airport.

That’s why we suggest putting together a sex toy strategy before you start packing and avoid all the stress and irritation involved with giving the TSA an inadvertent taste of your sexual habits. Smaller is better, and if you can avoid shapes that resemble parts of the anatomy, you’ll probably skate through detectors unscathed. To spark inspiration, here are some simple and affordable mini vibes and sex toys that’ll do the trick without testing the skills of airport security.

1. RingO x3

These super-stealth sex toys for men are so simple, they could probably be left out in the open without anyone batting an eye. Each pack contains three stretchy penis rings in a clear color that’s subtle, discreet and inconspicuous, making them perfect accompaniments to any carry-on. No vibrators, no motors, no on/off switch; just three sizes for three levels of constriction – from comfortably snug to nice-and-tight – for better sex on the go.  And the best part? Their low-profile, under-the-radar shape will pass through the x-ray machine without a second glance.


2. FingO Tips

These convenient mini massagers pack 13,5000 RPMs into a super-tiny vibrating motor encased in a super-soft and body-safe material for a comfortable experience. These little guys fit around your fingertip with a stretchy little ring to keep them in place and are disposable once the batteries run out (no evidence left behind!). Plus they’re packaged in grab-n-go little packs that almost look like tasty treats, so there’s no way security will suspect a thing. (They might actually want one!)


3. My Secret Vibrating Lipstick

Here’s another vibrator cleverly disguised as everyday makeup, and this one is more powerful (and even a little cuter) than its Lip Balm counterpart. The Vibrating Lipstick buzzes at three speeds – from a low rumble to a penetrating buzz – with a flexible silicone tip that glides across the skin. And when not in use, simply keep the cap on and no one will realize you’re carrying a powerful sex toy in your pocket or purse – especially those nosy people at the airport.


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Meet OVibe: A Clever Update of a Classic Sex Toy Design


Meet OVibe: A Clever Update of a Classic Sex Toy Design

Pay homage to sex toy pioneers of the past with the new OVibe, a modern take on the old-school best-seller of yesteryear. The Screaming O has updated this traditional style with a lightweight, cordless and affordable massager reminiscent of the classic vibrators that helped pave the way. Think “retro” meets “really really powerful.”

The OVibe features the signature curved handle and cone-shaped contact point adored for decades but with modern updates that give it a special punch. First, its dual-speed motor (choose from a deep low-pitch rumble and a strong stimulating buzz) is strategically positioned at the base of its silicone head to transfer 100% of its power directly where you want it. This unique hygienic silicone contact point boasts a signature cone-like shape that surrounds sensitive areas (clitorises love it, we promise), and at its center sits a solid silicone nub that targets stimulation with effortless precision.

Unlike those hefty handhelds of the olden days, the OVibe is made to be super lightweight and portable, making it the perfect travel companion, and doesn’t require a clumsy cord. Simply load it up with AA batteries and you’re good to go!

But the best part? The OVibe is priced at only $19.95 – making it one of the most powerful and affordable hand-held massagers on the planet. So enjoy the perks of modern-day sex toy design while reminiscing about the old-school massagers of yesteryear that helped to inspire what we know of today as the wonderful world of sex toys. You won’t be disappointed!


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OBob: the Battery Operated Boyfriend of Your Dreams!


Introducing OBob: the Battery Operated Boyfriend of Your Dreams!

Let’s face it. It ain’t easy being single and for some of us, finding the perfect guy feels as impossible as winning the Powerball. Our fingers are numb from swiping left so often and if one more guy sends us “hey u cutie” on OKCupid, we might go a little crazy. But before you completely give up and get a bunch of cats, let us introduce you to OBob – the brand new personal massager with all the perks of the perfect partner!

OBob is a cheeky handheld vibrator shaped like the reliable and powerful Battery Operated Boyfriend of your dreams! He’ll never let you down (just be sure you’ve got batteries nearby) thanks to a powerful multi-speed motor positioned right in his head – so you’ll always be on his mind. Made of non-porous ABS plastic with a body-safe silicone head, OBob is sturdy, dependable and ready to satisfy your every need and will treat your body with the care it craves. Because you DESERVE it.

What’s OBob like, you ask? He’s is flexible when it comes to your needs thanks to a smooth silicone head that bends at almost any angle, ready to accommodate your unique needs with a wide surface area that massages at 3 powerful speeds. Choose from a low rumble up to an intense penetrating vibration and enjoy a bonus pulsation function to tease and please. Whether you’re wearing sweatpants or sexy lingerie, you can turn OBob on with just one touch and never have to worry about control issues ever again.

And the best part? OBob buzzes for you and ONLY you and stands tall and independent on his own two feet when not in use – he’s a real stand-up guy, if you ask us. So the next time you contemplate a Tinder hookup or trying your chances at the bar, try taking OBob home instead. You’ll never feel alone with OBob by your side!


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3 Expert Tips for Picking the Right Cock Ring


3 Expert Tips for Picking the Right Cock Ring

Cock rings are all the rage and more men and their partners are strapping them on with the hopes of having even sexier sex. But did you know that no two cock rings are alike? Just like shopping for jeans, every brand will fit a little different and it might take a few tries before you find a shape, size or style that works for your precious appendage. Before you start shopping, check out these quick tips to help you sift through the wide selection and make smarter buying decisions without busting your budget.

1. Choose Your Material

Cock rings come in many different materials, each with a different purpose. The harder the material, the more advanced it is, so save the stone, steel or stiff silicone cock rings for hardcore cock ring aficionados. (They take practice putting on and taking off – it’s not uncommon for rigid rings to get stuck.) We recommend stretchy materials like soft silicone or SEBS because they offer a more “one size fits most” feel and are much easier to wear, though lube is a MUST to help avoid snagging on stray hairs down there.

2. Measure Yourself
Cock rings are made to be worn around the penis and testicles and stay put right at the base (where everything connects to your body). The thickness (or narrowness) of this area varies from man to man, which means what feels great for one guy might end up fitting terribly for another. But rather than shopping blindly, you can take a measurement of your own “base diameter” and compare it to that of the cock rings you see on the shelf.

Take a piece of string and wrap it around where you’ll be wearing the cock ring. Mark the length of string and then hold it against a ruler to get the official diameter. That measurement will be your official “size” and something you can refer to anytime you’re shopping for something dick-related. We recommend you take a NEW piece of string, cut it to that same length, and take it with you while you browse cock ring styles. Compare diameters to see just how much give you might need in order for it to fit around yourself without too much constriction. That way you can avoid the disappointing (and likely uncomfortable) task of desperately trying to fit into your new cock ring.

3. Pick Your Pleasure
Cock rings come in so many styles with so many functions and it can be easy to overwhelm yourself. So before you dive in, ask yourself (and maybe your partner) what your end goal is. Are you looking for something to give your package a tight and snug hug? Do you want to give your balls a vibrating boost? Are you looking for a cock ring that your partner can enjoy with you?

RingO 3-pack in clear, stretchy, body-safe SEBS

RingO 3-pack in clear, stretchy, body-safe SEBS

Cock rings without vibrators attached are made solely to squeeze the base of your cock. No vibrators, bells or whistles; just straight-up constriction. If you like that look and feel (cock rings can make your dick appear bulgier) and don’t want the distraction of a buzzing motor, then go with one of these.


ColorPoP O Wow Vibrating Ring

Cock rings with vibrators are great for adding hands-free vibration to any sex act because the tight ring keeps the motor in place and can be positioned in almost any way. (For hetero couples, vibrating cock rings provide direct clitoral stimulation that can help her reach orgasm easier.) Vibrating cock rings can even be flipped upside down so that the motor buzzes against his taint and testicles to give him a little boost. Vibrating cock rings like these can be super fun because they combine that snug “squeeze” sensation with powerful vibration stimulation.


RodeO Spinner Stretchy Vibrating Ring

RodeO Spinner Stretchy Vibrating Ring

For those of you who aren’t fond of the idea of a ring squeezing your penis tight, there are vibrating cock rings that are made specifically for a more relaxed fit. These styles are great because they let couples enjoy the convenience of a hands-free vibrator with the comfort of a stretchier fit. It’s not always easy to tell which vibrating cock rings are the spacious ones, but many stores have testers on display so you can see for yourself. And chances are, the packaging or product descriptions will highlight whether or not they’re roomier rings (it’s a popular selling point!) so take a look before you take it home.

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Introducing New ‘RodeO’ Vibrating Rings with Relaxed Fit


The Screaming O Introduces New ‘RodeO’ Vibrating Rings with Relaxed Fit 

Love cock ring vibration but not so fond of that cock ring constriction? Well we’ve got two new vibrating rings for you! Check out the RodeO Spinner and RodeO Bucker, new designs that bend and stretch with every move while allowing for fast and easy adjustment. These unique couples toys feature comfort-stretch rings that won’t feel tight with the added bonus of finger loops that let users adjust position and pressure with ease, resulting in a customized – and comfortable – roll in the hay.


The RodeO Spinner is powered by a 3-speed plus pulse bullet and encased in a soft sleeve that features a unique fin-like extension made especially for additional clitoral stimulation during certain sexual positions. Fondly nicknamed the “jean seam,” this firm and flexible accessory provides a pleasant flicking sensation and helps women get even closer to orgasm with every motion. With its convenient finger loop, users can adjust the placement of the “jean seam” for optimal control during grinding or rubbing movements to intensify the experience.


The RodeO Bucker features a 3-speed plus pulse mini motor, giving couples powerful vibration in a more compact shape. This design features a solid SEBS ball that makes direct contact with the clitoris for firm, targeted stimulation ideal for women who prefer steady pressure to help send them over the edge. And its convenient finger loop makes it easy to position the Bucker right where she wants it.

This popular “relaxed fit” style is made possible in part by using a pure SEBS material that has been independently lab-tested to assure optimum material quality and a body-safe experience. Because trust, comfort and safety are key when it comes to stretching a sex toy around one of our most previous appendages, right?

These are the latest addition to The Screaming O’s selection of relaxed-fit penis rings that keep powerful vibrators in place without tight constriction. More men are starting to prefer this stretchier and more comfortable fit, and we’re here to give them what they want – cuz we’re in the business of pleasure!

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3 Condom Myths Debunked


3 Condom Myths Debunked!

Condoms are an affordable and effective way to prevent pregnancy and STI transmission but despite their benefits, they still get a bad wrap. (See what we did there?) We’ve heard all kinds of erroneous reasons to not use a condom; from “They’re not my style” to “My dick can’t breathe,” the list of avoidance tactics can go on for days.

But did you know that many of our most popular excuses aren’t exactly true? See how these three common complaints get debunked with science and enjoy better safer sex in no time!

1. Condoms Cause Erectile Dysfunction
NOT TRUE! It’s a common misconception that the act of ripping open a wrapper and stretching one on causes a penis to stand at half-mast. But a group of seven researchers just published results of a study that found no direct association between erectile dysfunction and condom use.

A group of almost 500 hetero men between the ages of 18 and 24 were surveyed according to how condoms affected their performance. The men who reported having erection issues when using a condom were more likely to report having the same or similar issues when NOT using a condom, which led researchers to conclude that the condom isn’t the common denominator. In other words, lackluster hard-ons are more appropriately attributed to performance-anxiety or other mental/emotional roadblocks rather than the rubbers they’re trying to rip open without killing the mood.

2. “I Can’t Feel Anything!”
Now it’s not totally crazy to believe that putting a barrier between two (or more) people’s skin will ultimately affect sensation. But there’s a good chance that the level of pleasure you feel during condom-protected sex has more to do with your mindset.

Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Center for Sexual Health Promotion collected data from about 1,875 men (presumably heterosexual) to analyze their sexual behavior and condom use. The results showed an interesting correlation between level of pleasure/sensation and several factors that actually had nothing to do with condoms. Men who reported feeling more pleasure while wearing a condom tended to be older in age, had sexual intercourse for longer periods of time, reported positive perceptions of their erections, and/or felt the condom itself fit comfortably.

These findings suggest that wearing a condom isn’t the only reason why sexual sensation might be negatively affected, so think about what else might be getting in your (and the condom’s) way before you toss those rubbers aside.

And if you’re still not convinced, try strapping on a vibrating ring or vibrating cock ring to give yourself an extra buzz. There’s no way in hell you won’t be able to feel that through the condom.

3. “Condoms Just Don’t Fit Me.”
One of the most common complaints about condoms is that they don’t fit. They’re uncomfortable. Too tight. Too loose. They fall off. All kinds of issues. And they’re all legit! But the problem isn’t the size or shape of your penis – you’re buying the wrong brand!

Believe it or not, finding the right condom is almost like shopping for jeans. Every brand has a different fit and style and there’s no universal sizing grid for manufacturers to follow. (Frustrating.) What might be magnum for one kind of condom could end up being medium-sized for another and the only way to find out is through trial and error.

Condoms are sized according to length (duh) but ALSO according to the diameter of their base, the part that essentially keeps the condom in place at the base of the penis. If that part doesn’t fit the girth of your Johnson, then it doesn’t matter how perfect the rest of the condom might feel. Every millimeter makes a difference, so we recommend buying a small box from a range of brands and trying them on as though you were in the dressing room of a clothing store.

Some stores sell single condoms (convenient!) and others stock variety packs, which can keep costs down as you experiment. But we assure you that it’s worth the time and effort to find the condom that’s right for your cock. It’ll make having safe sex a whole lot easier – and it’ll probably feel better, too!

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