Sweeten Your Sex Life with the New Screaming O PoP Vibe!


Sweeten Your Sex Life with the New Screaming O PoP Vibe!

This lollypop-looking vibrator combines thoughtful design with SCIENCE to bring you the most powerful and affordable massager we’ve ever seen – and it comes in four colors to sweeten the deal!

The PoPVibe features a uniquely angled and elongated neck that makes it easy to reach almost every external erogenous zone with powerful deep rumbling vibration. Whether you’re knee-deep in Reverse Cowgirl or adding a little clitoral stimulation to your basic Missionary position, the PoPVibe is comfortable to hold and maneuver without getting in the way – all while giving your wrists a rest!

But the best part? Referencing a 2012 pilot study published in the research journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy, we chose to use a lower frequency motor to give fans a deeper, more penetrating sensation that helps prevent surface numbing and temporary desensitization. This 3-speed plus pulse motor is strategically located in its 100% silicone-sleeved vibrating head for direct and reliable stimulation everywhere it touches. Compared to most other vibrators, which buzz at a high pitch, the PoPVibe feels AND sounds completely different – and it’s something you’ve gotta feel to believe!

Plus its base is completely flat, allowing the PoPVibe to stand tall on even surfaces when not in use (no awkward rolling around or lint-catching!) and with the push-button control located at the bottom of the handle, users will never worry about accidental toggling or turning the whole thing off mid-O. We’re thoughtful like that!

So check out the PoPVibe and see how this body-safe, budget-friendly option can rock your world!


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