Go Slim with New ‘GO Stix’ Disposable Vibrating Rings

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Go Slim with New ‘GO Stix’ Disposable Vibrating Rings

Those incredibly convenient mini vibes we boasted about last week are now available as a vibrating ring, giving couples instant access to super-powerful and super-slim vibration!

These portable love rings feature a stretchy cock ring connected to its super-skinny vibrating motor, so he can wear it around his full package to keep the motor in place and standing tall. Made of non-porous ABS encased in body-safe SEBS, GO Stix Rings feature a uniquely vertical motor that can easily be adjusted for perfect positioning and better stimulation.

GO Stix Vibrating Rings are the latest of The Screaming O’s famous portable and disposable sex toy series, offering people of all lifestyles the perfect powerful mini vibe for any occasion. Its lightweight and skinny motor is strategically positioned vertically for full coverage of the clitoris’ most sensitive areas, and when flipped upside down, the GO Stix Vibrating Ring can target the perineum with ease. With just a finger, users can maneuver the motor to the left, right, or up against the body to adjust firmness and placement, hitting the right spot without interruption.

But don’t be fooled by their bright colors and compact size – GO Stix Vibrating Rings pack a powerful 13,500 RPM mini motor in their tiny shape, making them one of the strongest stimulating rings small enough to fit in a pocket!

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Worst places to buy sex toys

You really do need to be careful when you buy sex toys these days. A couple of my friends of mine at the London escorts service that I work for, have recently bought some new sex toys, and they have been terrible quality. You really do have to be careful where you buy your sex toys these days. I used to by a lot of my sex toys from sex shops, or adult shops, but many of them have closed down. The Internet seems to have taken over, and most of my friends at London escorts now buy their toys on the Internet.

One of the worst places you can buy your sex toys in probably on auctions sites like Ebay. I checked out eBay recently, and found that there are a lot of sellers on there from China. The London escorts who bought their toys from Chinese sellers on eBay have all had terrible problems. The truth is that many of them are such bad quality that you would be afraid to use them. One of the girls I work with at London escorts, said that it looked like her to toy had been re-packaged. It really makes you wonder what is going on.

I think that sex shops like Ann Summers still offer a good alternative for sex toy shoppers. You may not want to visit a shop, but the great thing is that you can shop online with Ann Summers as well. They offer exactly the same toys online as they do in the shops, and that tells me that the product is worth investing in. A lot of London escorts do still use Ann Summers and are happy with the service. I have recommended Ann Summers to many of the girls who have joined London escorts as well. You can buy some great lingerie there as well as well as lubricating gels.

There are also a lot of independent sites on the Internet that offers sex toys. Some of them are good, others are not. Once again, you really need to check out where the toys are coming from. If the company is not very upfront where they are shipping their toys from, I would be really careful. I have bought toys from independent sites but I have made sure that all of them are British based. Some of the girls at the London escorts services are less careful, and have ended up with some unsuitable toys.

It would be great to get all of the girls at London escorts services together to do some product tests. We could order sex toys from a range of sites, and find out which ones are the best. Most of the girls that I work with at the greatest escorts site with great reviews think that would be a great idea. Let’s face it, we could always use our own web site to write product reviews and make some recommendations. Sex toys are meant to bring pleasure, and I would like to remind you that it is always better to pay a bit more for your pleasure.

Walthamshaw Escorts

I love dating Walthamstow escorts like http://cityofeve.com/walthamstow-escorts just because they give me so much pleasure. I have tried dating other escorts services in and around London, but I always come back to Walthamstow. The girls here are just stunning, and the sexiest escorts that I have ever met. Are they kinky? Yes, some of the girls can be a bit on the kinky side but I don’t have a problem with that, do you? I love girls who can inspire a chap to take it that one step further and many of the girls working for the agencies here in Walthamstow can do just that.

Diane is probably one of my favorite Walthamstow escorts. She has just recently started to work here so she is rather fresh and new to the local scene. A lot of gents are lining up to date her, and I think that they have fallen for her golden locks and long legs. She has a really amazing body which is totally natural. Diane is not one of those girls who have gone for a lot silly implants. No, that 34DD is for real and you can certainly tell when you look at her. She has a nice smile and is a very genuine girl.

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What I really like about Walthamstow escorts, is that you can date a lot of different nationalities here without having to leave the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is to call one if the agencies, and you can within minutes make arrangements for an outcall with some hot and sexy vixen. Diane, Nikki and Lana are my favorite dates, but there are plenty more hot babes available just for your pleasure.

The girls are always on time, and will look after you during their stay at your house. You can have one hour dates, or you can even do overnight stays.

New ‘GO Stix’ Super-slim Disposable Mini Vibes Pack 13,500 RPMs

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New ‘GO Stix’ Super-slim Disposable Mini Vibes Pack 13,500 RPMs       

There’s nothing quite like having a powerful mini vibe on hand for whenever the need might strike, and The Screaming O has come out with one that packs full-size power into a petite shape worthy of any pocket or purse. They’re called GO Stix and they vibrate at a whopping 13,500 RPMs – no, seriously – so even the most seasoned sex toy fan can leave satisfied.

These portable mini vibes are perfect for foreplay or adding stimulation to pretty much any sex position with ease. Their lightweight and skinny design makes them easy to maneuver around harder-to-reach spots and their slender shape sends vibration directly to the tip for targeted vibration. But don’t be fooled by their bright colors and compact size – GO Stix’s powerful 13,500 RPM mini motor makes them one of the strongest stimulators small enough to fit in a pocket

Plus they’re quiet, inconspicuous and completely disposable, making them ideal for travel and anyone curious to try a vibrator for the first time.

But the best part: GO Stix are made of ABS plastic covered with a soft SEBS sleeve, two materials that have been lab-tested for safety, purity and quality – making them affordable, convenient AND 100% body-safe!

So whether for an oral sex boost or unobtrusive clitoral stimulation, you’ll be ready to GO anytime (and anywhere) your craving strikes!

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Sweeten Your Sex Life with the New Screaming O PoP Vibe!


Sweeten Your Sex Life with the New Screaming O PoP Vibe!

This lollypop-looking vibrator combines thoughtful design with SCIENCE to bring you the most powerful and affordable massager we’ve ever seen – and it comes in four colors to sweeten the deal!

The PoPVibe features a uniquely angled and elongated neck that makes it easy to reach almost every external erogenous zone with powerful deep rumbling vibration. Whether you’re knee-deep in Reverse Cowgirl or adding a little clitoral stimulation to your basic Missionary position, the PoPVibe is comfortable to hold and maneuver without getting in the way – all while giving your wrists a rest!

But the best part? Referencing a 2012 pilot study published in the research journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy, we chose to use a lower frequency motor to give fans a deeper, more penetrating sensation that helps prevent surface numbing and temporary desensitization. This 3-speed plus pulse motor is strategically located in its 100% silicone-sleeved vibrating head for direct and reliable stimulation everywhere it touches. Compared to most other vibrators, which buzz at a high pitch, the PoPVibe feels AND sounds completely different – and it’s something you’ve gotta feel to believe!

Plus its base is completely flat, allowing the PoPVibe to stand tall on even surfaces when not in use (no awkward rolling around or lint-catching!) and with the push-button control located at the bottom of the handle, users will never worry about accidental toggling or turning the whole thing off mid-O. We’re thoughtful like that!

So check out the PoPVibe and see how this body-safe, budget-friendly option can rock your world!


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