OBob: the Battery Operated Boyfriend of Your Dreams!


Introducing OBob: the Battery Operated Boyfriend of Your Dreams!

Let’s face it. It ain’t easy being single and for some of us, finding the perfect guy feels as impossible as winning the Powerball. Our fingers are numb from swiping left so often and if one more guy sends us “hey u cutie” on OKCupid, we might go a little crazy. But before you completely give up and get a bunch of cats, let us introduce you to OBob – the brand new personal massager with all the perks of the perfect partner!

OBob is a cheeky handheld vibrator shaped like the reliable and powerful Battery Operated Boyfriend of your dreams! He’ll never let you down (just be sure you’ve got batteries nearby) thanks to a powerful multi-speed motor positioned right in his head – so you’ll always be on his mind. Made of non-porous ABS plastic with a body-safe silicone head, OBob is sturdy, dependable and ready to satisfy your every need and will treat your body with the care it craves. Because you DESERVE it.

What’s OBob like, you ask? He’s is flexible when it comes to your needs thanks to a smooth silicone head that bends at almost any angle, ready to accommodate your unique needs with a wide surface area that massages at 3 powerful speeds. Choose from a low rumble up to an intense penetrating vibration and enjoy a bonus pulsation function to tease and please. Whether you’re wearing sweatpants or sexy lingerie, you can turn OBob on with just one touch and never have to worry about control issues ever again.

And the best part? OBob buzzes for you and ONLY you and stands tall and independent on his own two feet when not in use – he’s a real stand-up guy, if you ask us. So the next time you contemplate a Tinder hookup or trying your chances at the bar, try taking OBob home instead. You’ll never feel alone with OBob by your side!


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