Meet OVibe: A Clever Update of a Classic Sex Toy Design


Meet OVibe: A Clever Update of a Classic Sex Toy Design

Pay homage to sex toy pioneers of the past with the new OVibe, a modern take on the old-school best-seller of yesteryear. The Screaming O has updated this traditional style with a lightweight, cordless and affordable massager reminiscent of the classic vibrators that helped pave the way. Think “retro” meets “really really powerful.”

The OVibe features the signature curved handle and cone-shaped contact point adored for decades but with modern updates that give it a special punch. First, its dual-speed motor (choose from a deep low-pitch rumble and a strong stimulating buzz) is strategically positioned at the base of its silicone head to transfer 100% of its power directly where you want it. This unique hygienic silicone contact point boasts a signature cone-like shape that surrounds sensitive areas (clitorises love it, we promise), and at its center sits a solid silicone nub that targets stimulation with effortless precision.

Unlike those hefty handhelds of the olden days, the OVibe is made to be super lightweight and portable, making it the perfect travel companion, and doesn’t require a clumsy cord. Simply load it up with AA batteries and you’re good to go!

But the best part? The OVibe is priced at only $19.95 – making it one of the most powerful and affordable hand-held massagers on the planet. So enjoy the perks of modern-day sex toy design while reminiscing about the old-school massagers of yesteryear that helped to inspire what we know of today as the wonderful world of sex toys. You won’t be disappointed!


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