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an adventure that you will never forget here at chelsea escorts

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Creative Ways to Use a Vibrating Ring


2 Creative Ways to Use a Vibrating Cock Ring – Even If You Don’t Have a Cock!

Vibrating rings are one of the most popular sex toys you can buy, and for good reason! Their packaging promotes easier orgasms and unrivaled erections all with the goal of having better sex – but what happens when you find yourself with one of these wonder rings but without a penis within arm’s reach? Here are two easy ways to put a ring on it when “it” isn’t available (or of interest).

Stretch it On a Sex Toy

Most vibrating rings are made of stretchy material so that they can fit on almost any size penis – which means they’ll also fit on your favorite dildo! Turn any dildo into a unique version of a rabbit vibe by positioning the ring’s vibrating motor to make contact with your clitoris with each move. Stretchier rings might need to be stretched around more than once to keep the motor in place, but once you find the sweet spot, you’ll have a brand new sex toy on your hands that cost a fraction of what you’d have spent on one of those fancy dual-stim devices!

PRO TIP: The harder the dildo material, the more intense the vibrations will feel. If you’ve got your hands on a stainless steel or hard plastic, for example, try stretching the vibrating ring on the end furthest from the entry point. The firm material will transfer the vibration stronger than any silicone dildo can, meaning those intense stimulating vibes will end up radiating from deep inside.

Wear it On Your Finger

Not in the mood to wear something strapped to your dildo? We don’t blame you. Instead, try coiling the vibrating ring around your most dexterous finger (we recommend your index finger to start) and position the mini motor on the soft pad on the other side of your fingernail. (Keep in mind that vibrating rings are very stretchy, so you might need to loop it round your finger more than once!) Depending on the strength of the motor, you’ll likely feel vibration travel all the way down your finger, which ends up enhancing the experience over all. Your other fingers might even end up buzzing a little!

Now that you’ve turned your hand into a sex toy, tingle and tickle all of your favorite spots – you’ll feel pleasant sensations pretty much everywhere you touch. Try massaging and teasing sensitive areas that don’t always get enough attention (nipples or inner thighs, for instance) and revel in the fact that you’ve finagled the most affordable finger vibrator ever.

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4 Points to Consider Before Putting On a Cock Ring


4 Points to Consider Before Putting On a Cock Ring

We hear all kinds of information about cock rings, love rings, couples rings, vibrating rings – rings for all kinds of things – and why they’re awesome, but they can be confusing when confronting one face to face. There’s a lot to keep in mind before strapping one on and it’s not always intuitive (though it’s also not rocket science), so we thought we’d offer a quick guide to take the mystery out of the subject matter. Here are four of the most important points to consider:

Where Are You Wearing It?

Cock rings can actually be worn in one of two ways, depending on your preference: either around the penis and testicles, creating a snug fit at the base of the body; or just around the base of the penis, leaving the testicles to dangle on their own. It helps to try a variety of widths and sizes to see what feels best; some men like a tight fit around the shaft but something with more give when the testicles are involved.

Most men like cock rings because of their ability to engorge and enhance their package, which can lead to greater sensitivity, stronger orgasms and longer-lasting sex. But sometimes the best part is knowing that wearing a cock ring can make your junk look bigger. Because who doesn’t want that?

What’s it Made Of?

Rings come in many forms – some are stretchy, some are rock-hard steel, and others have straps and snaps. Each one is worn in a different way, so keep this in mind when you’re starting to shop.

Stretchy rings can be easy to put on and get off, depending on how stretchy they are. We suggest starting made of elastomer or SEBS as they stretch much more than most silicones and once you’ve gotten the hang, upgrade to something made of a more expensive material. Whatever material you choose, start out by stretching the cock ring as wide as it can go (just keep a good grip on it so you don’t snap yourself!) so you can ease your way in and adjust as necessary. BONUS: stretchy materials can be quickly and easily removed in an emergency by simply snipping them with scissors.

RingO 3-pack in clear, stretchy, body-safe SEBS

RingO 3-pack in clear, stretchy, body-safe SEBS

Stainless steel, stone or other rings made of materials that don’t stretch are for more advanced users because they can fit quite tight and be tremendously difficult to remove once you’re done. Once you’re engorged and rock hard, these things aren’t coming off easily, so use caution.

Leather and other cock rings that attach with snaps are popular because they are so simple to get on and off. Snap the two ends together to your preferred tightness level and then unsnap them in an instant when you’re ready. These tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than effective for sexual enhancement, however, so choose a different material if you’re looking for a tighter fit.

How’s the Hair Down There?

Cock rings, especially ones made of stretchy materials, can sometimes pull or yank on pubic hair as your put them on and off. We recommend using lubricant to keep the area smooth and slick, which lets the cock ring slide across the skin without accidentally catching on something you don’t want it to. If you’re completely new to the cock ring game, you could even try shaving the area to completely remove the risk of hair-pulling – it all depends on your comfort level.

Does Your Cock Ring Vibrate?

Many cock rings come with vibrating motors attached, often designed to provide your partner with some stimulation while you’re going at it. If your partner is a woman, chances are she might enjoy the feeling of a vibrating ring against her clitoris – it often can help her reach orgasm without having to reach down and do it herself. Just make sure the vibrating motor is positioned correctly so it can make contact with her sweet spot.

If your partner is a man, he might enjoy feeling tickling vibration against his taint. Try wearing the cock ring with the motor below your penis and/or testicles to give him (and you!) a little vibrating boost. Many cock rings also come with extra ticklers and stimulators, so if you and your partner are big fans of taint tapping and ball bumping, try a cock ring with swinging beads and dual motors. They can turn up the fun with the touch of a button.


The Screaming O Original Vibrating Ring

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London escorts: naughty girls

Dear Better Sex Guide,

I am looking for some really hot naughty girls, but I have noticed that most London escorts seem so nice and clean cut these days. It is very hard to find an escort who looks a bit naughty, and have that certain look in her eye. What is going on here? I used to date a lot of London hot babes in my younger days. Then I have it all up when I got married, but now after my divorce, I would like to start dating London escorts again.

The problem is that everything seems to have changed, and the girls look like professional models now. Many of the girls give me the impression of do not touch, and it does not feel right some how. I was wondering if you would be able to help find a good old fashioned escort for some sexy companionship. The most important criteria is that she must still have the glint in her eye, and be able to be a bit naughty. So far, I have mainly been looking in the Kensington and Mayfair areas. This is where I used to date when I was younger, but things certainly seem to have changed. I have never seen so many posh girls in sexy lingerie. Thank you, Dave.

Dear Dave,

It was good to hear from you. Yes, the London escorts industry has really moved on and things have changed a lot like the ones from It is now a multi million pound business here in the UK and is very competitive. You have probably come across a lot of new exciting terms such as duo dating, escorts for couples and some exotic massage terms as well. The world is now truly your oyster when you date here in London.

I know what you mean when you say dating with a girl who has a certain glint in her eyes. This is a good core value to have for any escorts, but most London escorts services are a lot of more sophisticated these days. They aim towards the international business traveler, and most of the time, they can be rather expensive as well. I do, however, appreciate exactly what you are looking for and I think you are much more likely to find this sort of girl working for East London escorts services. The original naughty girl is long gone from central London, and you are much more likely to meet some serious posh girls in this part of town.

If you go enter the search term London girls and naughty London escorts, you are much more likely to find what you need. It is a good idea to try some East End escorts agencies, but at the same time, you may want to check out areas such as Romford and Ilford. In these areas, you will be much more likely to find what I refer to as classical escorts services. This is probably much more inline what you are looking for, and I am sure that you will have a good time.

Clapham escorts are hot

Oh boy, let me tell you there is a lot more to Clapham than just a busy train junction. If you are looking to hook up with some serious hot escorts, look no further than Clapham escorts agencies like You will find that Clapham escorts are some of the hottest escorts in this part of London, and until you have dated a couple of Clapham escorts, you have not lived.

If you are a discerning gentleman and you are looking for a bit of kink to liven up your weekend with. You shouldn’t look any further than Clapham escorts – you may not believe this but some of the best escorts in London work for Clapham escorts agencies, and you should make the most of it.

What makes Clapham escorts so hot?

Well, what make Clapham girls and ladies so hot? It would be tempting to say to come and meet the girls, but I suppose I had better describe a couple of the girls to you.

Nicola – Nicola is a hot bit of stuff from Newcastle, and she only recently started to work here in Clapham. I thought northern girls were kind of cool, but let me tell you that this lady is hot and she knows how to deliver. A former Newcastle pole dancer, Nicola has the most amazing long legs and any gent would love to feel those legs wrapped around him.

The first time I met her, I thought she was rather exhausting to be with but then I realized that I had really enjoyed my experience. If, you want to take it a bit slower, I would arrange a two hour date with this lady. It will give you a chance to ease yourself into some of the many delights that Nicola has to offer you. Next time, I will make sure that I book a two hour date with this northern stunner. That will give me a little bit longer in trying to tame her, and I can then enjoy myself a little bit more. Ask her to be easy on you on the first date.

Nikki – Nikki is another hot lady from Poland that you simply must date. She is a stunning brunette who has a passion for thigh high boots. She never seems to take her boots of and she just loves to treat you to some fun adult stuff whilst wearing those boots. The first time I met her, she sort of took over my world and I realized that I had met the escort of my dreams.

Everything about Nikki is perfection, and even after a really close inspection I could not find anything wrong with this girl. She is just perfect in every way you decide to look at her.

Dating in Clapham allows you to experience some serious adult fun closer to home if you are a local. The girls are perfect, and you will be amazed at the many delights they can offer. They love to tease and please – just make sure they do it with you.

4 Reasons Why Orgasms are Good for Women’s Health!


4 Reasons Why Orgasms are Good for Women’s Health! 

It’s no secret that having an orgasm can have health benefits – who doesn’t feel lighter, happier and genuinely better after rubbing one out (or having someone handle it for you)? But it’s more than just an endorphin rush and fresh-faced flush that makes an orgasm a day keep the doctor away.

  1. Say Bye-Bye to the BluesThe endorphin rush that follows an O-face not only gives you a boost of energy and joy, but it also helps flush out cortisol, a hormone commonly linked to stress. Cortisol can cause inflammation in the body and give you that heavy, weighed-down feeling that comes along with tension and pressure. But every orgasm you have can help keep cortisol levels down – and your spirits up!
  2. Orgasms Were an Old-School Cure-allBack in the late 19th century, doctors used to give orgasms to female patients who’d come down with an illness they called “hysteria.” Treatment included doctors using their fingers to stimulate women until they had a “release” that visibly changed their mood and demeanor. Women who entered doctors’ offices with anxiety, fits and frantic behavior ended up leaving feeling calm, relaxed and in bright spirits – so it made sense that this method was a logical and effective cure.As you can imagine, hysteria became an epidemic with women needing multiple and frequent treatments (well, duh) and soon, doctors created electric stimulators – now known as vibrators – to help them handle the influx of patients. (And to give their hands and fingers a break!)
  3. Orgasms Can Kill Pain!Orgasms provide an analgesic effect similar to over-the-counter pain meds thanks to the release of oxytocin, a hormone that many associate with a blissful feeling. It’s created by the brain and released during childbirth, breast-feeding and sex (among other times, of course) and can help alleviate the pain associated with headaches, menstrual cramps, aching muscles and more. So next time you feel some pain coming on, try supplementing Advil with an orgasm or three!
  4. Orgasms Get Your Blood FlowingYour heart beats faster as you get closer to orgasm, causing blood to flow faster throughout the body so it can get to the necessary areas and heighten your senses in preparation for that big O. But as your face and body flush with that telltale pink glow, some scientists believe that your body is also getting a jumpstart as blood flows extra-fast, detoxifying your system and help aid in digestion and other common bodily functions!


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Everything You Need to Know About the Clitoris



It’s more a wishbone than a bean.

We’ve all heard of flicking the bean, but did you know the clitoris is actually shaped more like that forked bone we sometimes fight over on Thanksgiving? In 1998, scientists discovered that the majority of the clitoris is actually internal, hidden from sight and is MUCH larger than anything previously imagined. The little nub we sometimes call the “man in the boat” – it’s actually called the glans – is merely the apex of the clitoris with the rest of it extending deep inside the pelvic region. That wishbone shape that allows it to connect to some important interior bits and pieces responsible sexual function and response, which all work together to help make sex feel good for her!

It has no purpose other than pleasure.

The clitoris’ single and sole function is to provide its “owner” with pleasure. In fact, it’s the only human organ that exists solely for pleasure – unlike the penis, which has important reproductive functions. (And makes it possible for men to pee.)

They get erect – just like penises.

Believe it or not, the clitoris and penis are quite alike! It has a glans (the “bean”), a foreskin (the clitoral hood), and is made up of erectile tissue that engorges with blood and gets hard when aroused and during sexual stimulation – and it relaxes and chills out after orgasm.

They’re responsible for the majority of women’s orgasms.

Contrary to old-school belief, the majority of women (some say up to 75%!) need some kind of clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm – no amount of thrusting, pumping or banging with a penis will get most women over the edge. And because the clitoris’ wishbone shape extends around the vaginal canal, women who DO orgasm from intercourse alone likely had the interior parts of the clitoris stimulated by the penis’ position inside.

So don’t worry if she doesn’t moan in ecstasy while you two get it on. She’s not broken and he’s not bad at sex – chances her she just needs a little clit action to help her along the way. (And there are some incredible sex toys out there to help make it happen faster and easier!)

They have twice as many nerve endings as penises.

Though seemingly small, the clitoris is a mighty pleasure player featuring about 8,000 responsive nerve endings – compared to the roughly 4,000 that the penis carries around. This is one of the reasons why some women find it almost painful to have their clitorises touched directly with the clitoral hood pulled back. Too many feels!

There’s no ONE WAY to stimulate it.

We’re constantly looking for the best, the correct, the most perfect way to make her cum (understandably so!) but believe it or not, every clitoris – and the woman attached – is like a snowflake. No two are alike physically or sensually, so chances are that the rulebook you read in Maxim or Cosmo isn’t going to apply to every woman on the block.

Instead, ask her what she likes. Maybe she’ll even show you – SUPER HOT FOREPLAY ALERT. Some women like soft strokes while others prefer hard pressure and there’s no way to know without asking the source. Because at the end of the day, only she really knows best – but if she isn’t sure, finding out what feels good together can be an amazingly intimate and sexy collaborative effort that could ultimately bring you closer as a couple. (Or at least closer to orgasm.)

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