Be Ready to GO for Every Sexual Encounter!


Have you heard of the GO Vibe Ring yet? It’s our newest disposable erection ring made for the most satisfying quickie you’ll ever have! This is the most powerful portable couples ring on the market with an incredible 13,500 RPM motor positioned vertically for better clitoral stimulation, and with a simple flip, you can use the GO to vibrate against your partner’s taint, testicles or any sensitive zone down below. It’s the most versatile vibrating ring ever!

The GO Vibe Ring features an extra-thick SEBS ring for increased tension to help prevent premature ejaculation and prolong pleasure for both partners. Stretched around the penis and testicles, GO should feel tight – but not uncomfortable – as it slows blood flow to keep him hard and ready to… go!

As with all stretchy Screaming O sex toys, GO is made using lab-tested body-safe SEBS to assure a quality, body-safe experience without worrying whether or not your new sex toy might not be up to your high standards. And once the 40-minute battery runs out, simply dispose of it responsibly and see what other Screaming O sex toys for men and women you might like to try. It’s the perfect way to see if you like cock rings without committing to something complicated or expensive.

See how GO can help promote stronger orgasms and more satisfying sex and try one tonight!


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BuzzFeed is Buzzing for The Screaming O Affordable Sex Toys!


BuzzFeed has just released a list of 16 sex toys that they believe are better than a boyfriend (or girlfriend, we might add!) and The Screaming O made it to two top spots. We were the ONLY manufacturer with popular sex toys for under $20 – some topped the charts at $200 or more! – which proves that some of the best orgasms come from small packages!

BuzzFeed staff member Casey Gueren recommended the My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Mascara for its compact shape and clever disguise – it literally looks just like a tube of mascara – and its ability to give powerful orgasms without a ton of effort. And next in line was the brand new Screamin Demon, which features little flexible horns that cradle the clitoris for better orgasms.

“It’s almost like a tiny little vulva, but with vibrations and horns,” Casey says. “Human anatomy can’t compete with that.”

And while that’s true, Screaming O representative Conde Aumann wants to remind sex toy shoppers that while these portable and affordable sex toys are great on their own, they can feel AMAZING when used with a partner!

“The Screaming O makes easy-to-use mini vibes and sex toys that help couples enjoy sex together with fun shapes, bright colors and really powerful motors,” Aumann says. “Our Vibrating Mascara and Screamin Demon feel amazing on nipples and testicles during foreplay and are so unobtrusive, they easily fit in your hand to give your fingers a break for those ladies who like (or need) clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm in certain sex positions.”


Check out Casey’s recommendations for yourself! The Screaming O sex toys are so affordable, you can buy more than one and see which one you – and maybe your partner – like the most!

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New Orbit Vibrating Erection Ring Sends Couples Over the Moon


We’ve sent a new sex toy out into the universe and its unique color and shape is out of this world. The Orbit is different from traditional stretchy erection rings because of its distinctive rocket-like silhouette, which provides a wider contact point with the clitoris while maintaining a snug fit that helps prevent premature ejaculation. So not only do couples benefit from longer-lasting sex, but this sex toy for couples also increases her chances of reaching orgasm – it’s the ultimate win-win!

The Orbit is a stretchy vibrating cock ring made of glossy white SEBS – a lab-tested body-safe material that stretches to fit almost anyone – with a unique rocket-like vibrator at the top. Its unique power position provides direct contact to the clitoris, the clitoral hood, and its surrounding sensitive zones with three warp speeds and one pulse mode that couples can toggle through with the push of a button.

The ring itself features a smooth interior that lies flush against the skin for a stay-put fit without the typical tight feeling of most cock rings, yet it feels soft and flexible against delicate skin.  Stretched around either the base of the penis or both the penis and testicles, the Orbit will feel secure – but not uncomfortable – as it helps slow blood flow to keep him harder and last longer.

We had fun incorporating unique spaceship-like design elements that also boosted the Orbit’s functionality, and in the end we wound up with a one-of-a-kind shape with enhanced performance to boot. And as with all stretchy Screaming O products, the Orbit is made using only certified and lab-tested body-safe SEBS to assure a quality, body-safe experience that men and women of all kinds can enjoy.


So strap in and start your better-sex countdown today – the Orbit feels so good it’ll make you see stars!

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A Screamin’ Valentines Day for Everyone!


February 10, 2014

The romantic holiday season is in full swing, which means it’s time to start prepping for the biggest event of all: Valentine’s Day! So we’ve made it easy with a gift guide designed to fit everyone’s needs, from fun couples kits to sexy treats for the single life.

For the girl who has every sex toy: Ohare

Some gals simply have it all, and finding them something sexy that they’ve never seen before can seem impossible – so that’s why we suggest the Ohare. The Ohare is a clever hybrid between a double-ring erection ring and the iconic rabbit vibrator, a go-to sex toy for so many women. It takes the powerful vibrating “ear” concept and combines it with a secure cock ring that can be enjoyed together, giving her the clitoral stimulation she loves with the erection enhancement he needs! It’s brand new, too, so chances are the Ohare isn’t yet on her radar.


For the couple planning a romantic getaway: Ovation Kit

Some couples make time for themselves to celebrate their relationships, whether it’s a trip to Cabo or a stay-cation in front of their living room fireplace. And no romantic getaway is complete without something sexy to enhance the moment – and that’s why we put some of our most popular sex toys and accessories in a convenient all-in-one kit. The Ovation Kit is as convenient as it is portable and includes all of the essentials couples need for a wild night. And the best part? There’s two of everything, which means there are enough goodies to keep them going into Round 2!


For the best first impression: PrimO Tux

Some Valentine’s Day celebrations are just a little more special, especially if he’s meeting his date for the very first time. First impressions are everything, which means he needs to pay extra attention to what he does – and brings – in the bedroom. And that’s why the PrimO Tux is the perfect couples toy that makes it easy for him to dress to impress. It’s made of our highest quality silicone and features an adorable little studded bowtie on the motor, which stimulates her clitoris while giving it an air of flirty formality. She’ll be impressed that he cared enough for premium silicone and he’ll be happy he came equipped with something that’ll help his penis stay hard.


For the guy who’s over it: TacO

Eh, Valentine’s Day. Who cares? This guy doesn’t; all he’s planning is to enjoy himself in front of his computer screen and maybe invite some hand lotion to the party. And that why the TacO is the perfect accoutrement to this solo session: this handheld stroker is simple, easy, affordable and makes masturbation feel that much better. It sure beats a giant glob of Lubriderm, and it can be washed and reused to keep the romantic rub-outs coming long after Cupid retires for the year.


For the girl who’s dating herself: My Secret Screaming O Lipstick

Who needs a dinner date when the most important person is herself? This gal wants something designed especially for her pleasure – and no one else’s – so it has to fit her style and serve some serious vibration power. That’s why we recommend the My Secret Screaming O Lipstick: it looks just like the luxe lipstick many women love but houses an impressively strong motor that turns its bright-pink tip into a pleasure machine. It’s a sexy secret that’s just for her and she can celebrate Valentine’s Day with a freshly flushed face and a big smile knowing she’s treating herself – and treating herself well!


For the couple who loves risqué romance: MasteRing Panty

An ordinary dinner date just won’t cut it for some couples, which is why we suggest the MasteRing Panty for those of you who like to take their playtime out in public. This little bullet vibe is operated by a remote control cleverly disguised as a finger ring – and the bullet fits inside a sexy black lace panty (it’s included!) so she can wear it all night long without missing a beat. Couples can toggle through 10 vibration patterns from up to 50 feet away while they watch each other squirm from across the table, bar, club, wherever and make for a very memorable Valentine’s Day celebration!


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Sex toy for christmas

Christmas was in two days, so preparing a list of special ones whom I wanted to gift something was very obvious. I was very confused about what should I gift to my 60 years old nan who was still very beautiful and full of life. That night I was watching an adult film directed by London escorts which featured an old woman, who was nearly the age of my nan, using sex toys while having sex with a male actor.

Suddenly the prankster inside me came at its role. The very next day I bought a glass dildo for my sexy and beautiful nan who once worked as a manager in a famous sex toy factory frequented by many escorts in London!

As most of the time my grandfather used to stay at our village farmhouse, I thought my nan might be in need of a dildo badly! So I decided why not give the gift to her that keeps on giving? Hahaha.. I heard from my friends and colleagues who had experience of spending time with escorts, that several women who were above their 60’s worked in London as escorts.

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Let’s come to the point again. So, I was pretty sure that my gift would make her happy. Though I used to share a friendly bond with my nan, I was a little skeptical about her reaction after seeing the weird gift.

Finally Christmas came and I gave the nicely wrapped box to my nan. I insisted her to open the gift in front of me. The moment she opened the box, the face of my nan turned red, her jaw dropped in surprise….I am still confused whether she was shocked or surprised.

She looked at me and went to her room with the box. For one moment I thought might be she was angry with me. I felt bad and went to her room to see her. I was just about to enter he room; suddenly I heard that she was over the telephone talking to my grandpapa.

She was telling about the gift to grandpapa. She was blushing and talking about the old days of their life when they were a newly married. I could not control from overhearing the entire conversation. The gift took her to the old days of her life, when she used to spend every night in the arms of her husband. Suddenly she turned back and noticed me.

She dropped the phone and asked me whether I had heard her conversation. I came to her and hugged her tightly. Jokingly I asked her if she had a wish to go to male escorts to use this glass dildo. She burst into laughter and said, “Ok….Would you mind to book a male escort for your evergreen granny on next Christmas?” “For sure…” I answered and we both burst into laughter.

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The Screaming O Initiates Independent Product Material Verification & Labeling Campaign


The Screaming O Initiates Independent Product Material Verification & Labeling Campaign

Feb. 2, 2015

As part of our commitment to our fans around the world, The Screaming O has teamed with an independent laboratory and verifier to have all of our sex toy materials tested for quality, toxicity, body-safety and authenticity. This new effort is part of an education campaign designed to keep shoppers informed about the materials we use in our products and promote responsible manufacturing and consumer confidence.

Our first testing phase took place in December 2014 and revealed that The Screaming O’s SEBS – which is a form of styrene-ethylene-butadiene – and premium silicone are pure, non-toxic and body-safe. You’ve probably heard of silicone, but what in the world is SEBS?

SEBS is a stretchy material used in most of The Screaming O’s cock rings, vibrating cock rings, and many of our non-silicone mini vibes. It’s a quality and safe alternative to squishy (and smelly) jelly material – but they are NOT the same thing! SEBS, as is any material that is not platinum silicone, stainless steel, glass, or coated wood or stone, is slightly porous. But “porous” does not mean “unsafe” or “toxic” when it comes to external-use toys. You just have to keep your sex toys clean, as you would for any item that goes on, in or near your body!

We choose to manufacture much of our product line out of pure SEBS in order to provide quality alternatives for men, women and couples who cannot afford (or do not want) to drop $60+ on a rechargeable cock ring or $90+ clitoral vibe. And they – and everyone else! – deserves body-safe materials and quality construction, don’t you agree?

The initial materials testing was sparked by miscommunication regarding the labeling of our SEBS material, which previously read “SEBS Silicone.” Now that we have hard data proving that no silicone is present, the descriptions have been revised and correctly labeled as pure, non-toxic, body-safe SEBS.

“It’s so exciting to have independent lab results (with third-party validation) to further support our brand because The Screaming O proudly stands behind each of our products, and we want our consumers to feel confident to do the same,” Aumann said. “Plus, we genuinely want everyone on the planet to have better, more satisfying sex and let The Screaming O be their guide – or at least their gateway!”

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